Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fannie mae family to dems

Obama says that he can fix it. Democrats want to control it more so they can fix it. Say, weren't these liberal bozos the ones that broke it in the first place? The ones boasting to be the ones to be the saviors are the ones who drug us down this hard road. Good grief Charlie Brown!

Monday, September 29, 2008

time bomb

CSPAN VIDEO: Unearthed Democrats in their own words, covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis.

We got the fox in the hen house folks.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

tests cometh like rain

Got a test Monday night in Lab 101.
I think I've got that material down.
The Kinesiology test is Wednesday night.
I don't think I've got that down.
So many bones in our body,
and so many parts of bones.
I just finished a case study that's due in a couple of weeks.
I wanted to get it out of my way so I didn't have it looming over me.
I was supposed to start by handing in three or four pages.
Oh my, I think I wrote a book today.
Looks like I'll be putting the teacher to work reading the thing.
Pray for my brain.
Pray for the tests coming.
My brain needs to perform like a gray sponge.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hokes Bluff Tech Show

Red Green knows how to go green.

meager post

Yesterday I took the old popcorn popper that was once at Christian Brother's Skylight coffeehouse and took it to the Diabetic Summit that was held at Convention Hall. We had been asked to provide popcorn for the participants from 7:30 to 4:00. I also had class yesterday - so it was a full day. I was so tired last night that I left the popper out in the van when I came back from school. The kettle is so nicely seasoned that the popcorn is really tasty. I can't tell you how many bags of popcorn we gave away yesterday. I have earned the moniker of Popcorn Man at the area health fairs. For the past two years Gina and I try to secure a table at the fairs, educate folks concerning OT and lymphedema, give out promotional items and a bag of popcorn. It was such a long day yesterday with the summit and school that Gina and I have pretty much decided to back off on attending health fairs until the massage program is behind me.

Occasionally, when family and friends are going to meet up at the drive-in, I'll pop up big batch and carry the popcorn up in a Hefty trash bag. It's also handy to have around for parties and family get togethers.

I went to Kinesiology & Palp class last night. We've got a test next Wednesday night - 19 discussion questions and identify bunches of bones. Keep me in your prayers. I've got a lot to learn between now and then. Clinic for our class has been pushed back a couple of weeks. When that happens, I'll be at school Thursday night and much of the day Saturdays until I graduate next May.

I took the time to wash my Mazda van and Superbeetle. I took the beetle to pick up the girls at school. They were surprised. I took the long scenic ride home from school and the girls enjoyed it as much as I did. That little car is so much fun to drive. The weather is perfect for tooling around. I took the car to an auto parts place today and a guy there offered to buy it from me - no way. The car was a little slow to start at first. I really need to make sure that I drive it around a little each week.

Tonight we are having left over spaghetti that I made Monday night. It's pretty good stuff - based on the recipe my dad used to make. I don't go by a recipe though - I just through in the ingredients. Gina requested that I run by the store and pick up some lettuce and Texas Toast to go with it. It's almost six and she's still not here. I guess I need to get upstairs to the kitchen and get the oven warmed up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

life milestone

Remember the Anatomy & Physiology test I was moaning about these past few weeks? I took the test last Tuesday night but had no idea when the teacher was going to release the grades. I had studied so hard going in that I felt confident that I could pull off a B. It was the hardest I had ever studied for a test. Not being a very good student in my formative years - Gina did her best to help me learn to study. She went above and beyond by writing out the A&P PowerPoint handouts and 80+ vocab words on note cards. She did this all on her own while I was off at school. When I would return late in the evenings, she'd be waiting up to drill me with the note cards.

Brook had encouraged me before the classes ever got under way, as we sat on his back porch, he told me to "just do the work David - just do the work and you'll get through. If you fail a course, take it over and you'll know a little more each time you go." Jose' would email me from time to time encouraging me that I am not the same person I was those years ago. God has taken me through a great bit of healing these past years - I know that I am different being. I don't know how I got from point A to point B, but I know that there was healing of old wounds. Gina told me as classes began that this was my job, that she'd do everything she could to relieve me of office responsibilities so that I could focus on being a student. The first semester I only took two online classes and came out with a 4.0 average. This semester is more challenging. Everything was taken up a notch. Already, there have been overwhelming moments, so much to take in, so much to learn. I can't say that I was rusty because school never was a good subject for me. I remind myself constantly that it's a new day and to just do the work.

So I stepped into the Anatomy & Physiology test hoping to at least come out with a B. After I started filling in the blanks, answering the questions, it seemed that I knew the answers, I had total recall. The old David - the answers would have already set sail as I arrived on dock. Bon Voyage! Stress would overtake me and I'd hear that old 6th grade teacher of mine, Mrs. Graves (what an appropriate a surname she had) echo "you're stupid!" Well, Mrs. Graves curses are very faint these days. As far as I am concerned - they are buried with her. Like Andy Taylor once said, "People like that don't die - they just nasty away!" This test was a hard one, but there wasn't any curse or anxiety tied to it. Yes Irene, there was healing in it. I am sure there will be more healing to come and I pursue to run the gauntlet of an education.

I handed the paper in, feeling confident that I did even better than a B. I walked down the hall feeling quite confident that I in fact Aced it. I didn't want to say it out loud. I just knew in my heart that I had passed it no matter what the grade. I tried to put it out of my mind. I've had other tests in this program - but this particular test was the milestone for me. If I can pass this test, I can pass the others. It was a hard test. I can not express to you the tsunami of vocabulary and concepts that had to be grasped in order to pass it. It was damn hard.

Tonight the teacher handed out the grades for us to review. He wanted us to see what we had missed, correct the wrong answers, and hand it back in for an 5 extra points. I looked down at the paper in my hand and gazed upon 100 scrawled in red ink. I went numb. I flipped through the pages and not one answer was wrong. Not one. I even nailed the two discussion questions. I knew that I had felt good about the test - I was hesitant to hope - yet I made a 100! Half the class had failed the test - and I didn't want to do a jig in front of them - so I went into the bathroom and jigged in solitude. That moment to me was nothing short of euphoric.

I asked the teacher as I turned my paper in, that if I correct a mis-spelt word - could I get the extra five points too? He didn't count off for spelling and yet it never hurts to ask. He said he would. So let's up that grade to 105! I slipped out of class and went to my cell phone to give Gina the good news. She was as ecstatic as I was.

So I have another PowerPoint printout in front of me. The teacher is back at the board with new concepts to explain. Three chapters instead of two this time. Further up and further in. This is so not easy for me. This is so not my cup of tea - yet after the past four months - it's all doable.

when music videos were music videos

Dire Straits was among my favorite bands back in eighties. This video still holds up. I love listening to Knofler play. My favorite release of Dire Straits is their live recording ALCHEMY (1984). I used to listen to Alchemy all the time when on long trips..."ROAD" trips that is.

Monday, September 22, 2008

she rides again

I picked up the superbeetle from Boyd today. He warned me that it might ride a little rough at first - seeing how it had sat up for a while. I only had time to drive it from Rainbow City to my house. It didn't balk a bit - rather it gave me a nice ride all the way home. She needs a bath real bad. I need to fix the garage door and clear out a space for her. It's a great little car and reminds me of the Bug I used to have.

Brook sold me his 1973 Bug back in the early eighties. I remember loading a sound system and guitar into the back of it to play gigs. Brook would let me borrow his Bose speakers, Yamaha Amp, and Tapco Mixer any time I needed it. It seemed to carry everything that I needed it to back then. It made many cramped drives down to Bethlehem Family Camp down in Bonifay. Only a VW drives like a VW. Nothing sounds like it or feels like it. It's a great drive.

By the way, Mickey Boyd has a beautiful little red '66 Bug that he recently bought. It is in perfect condition. It reminds me of Brook's old bug that he had back in the early seventies. I've got a picture of it somewhere. It too was red (with three white fenders) that he called Digger's Chigger. Digger used to be Brook's nickname back in Explorers. Chigger because it was a red bug of course. Brook used to drive me to and from boy scout meetings in it. It too was a great little car. I remember mother once commenting on Brooky's driving in that thing. She said that he used to aim for every puddle on the road. I believe she was referring to a trip she made with him down Hines Road (lots and lots of puddles). It was that chigger that Brook spun multiple doughnuts in the gravel parking lot of Noccalula Nic-Nack. He was caught by the red light while pulling out and was approached by Sheriff Felton Yates who had been enjoying an ice cream with his wife - with the windows rolled down.

Emory Bogg's used to have a little navy blue automatic Volkswagen that he bought new. Irene had it for a while after his death. Driving an automatic in that thing just didn't seem right. All VWs should be straight. It just didn't seem right otherwise. Dad had a few Volkswagens down through the years. He owned a beige Fastback for a while. It was a nice little car and wish that he'd kept it. He later owned a VW 412. It was the car that I was allowed to drive the most of from the Finlayson fleet (mid to late seventies). It was an ugly little car, mustard yellow but with plenty of trunk space. The four doors allowed me to shuttle little sisters to and fro. It was a pretty tough little car - I drove it hard as a young driving idiot. Mickey Boyd said that he's got an old abandoned 412 behind his shop. He said that a fellow left it to get fixed and never came back for it. Mickey said that the 411s and 412s are hard cars to work on. One of these days I'll ask him if I can go back and have a look at it.

There was a time that you'd see Volkswagens every where you went. They were all over the place. It seems like everyone has owned a VW at one time or another. Everyone has a story to tell. I have plenty of my own.

The Superbeetle that I own was my mother in-law's prized possession. She bought it new from DePaul Motors that was located on East Meighan Blvd. She earned the money for herself and represented freedom to venture out of the house when ever she had the mind to. It was her only mode of transportation until only a few years ago. Gina was about Katie's age when the car was first purchased. Gina tells of spend the night parties - when Mrs. Hale would pack the car with her little friends and drive them around in it. Gina drove the car a great deal when she came of age - and probably drove it some even before that. I think of it as a little time machine - tagged with many Hale memories. I know that she had a hard time letting go of it. I am very grateful that she chose her strange son in law to care for it. I will.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i had a dream

Last night I had a dream that is prophetic. I can hardly believe it but knew while the dream was playing out that it was a Word. In this dream I was walking down a wooded path. God was talking to me, He told me there was a black man who had been using God's name for his own financial and political purposes. He told me that this black man had recently lost all credibility with his own people and was in seclusion. As I was walking and pondering this - I saw an old car (1970's model car - Chevrolet?) parked along the path. The path I had been walking down was like an old logging road. It was possible that a car could get there. As I approached the old vehicle- I knew that the black man sitting in it was the man God was talking to me about. The door was open and the man was sitting in the car with his feet on the ground. I walked up to the car and the man looked up. In the dream I recognized him.  He stood up and he shook my hand. He appeared to be in his forties, bald, and had a genuine repentant look on his face. He had a tear running down his cheek. He said he was sorry by what he had done. I could tell by his face that he was genuinely repentant. I didn't know what to say but just smiled.

In this dream I knew that God was going to use this changed man for his purpose. God was going to use this man for a change - His change.  I know the man is a high profile black man. In the dream I knew that this man had said or done something that had caused him to lose face with his own people.

In this dream a black man is redeemed and turns his heart to his Lord. Perhaps this man becomes a real man of God - bringing a real message to his people - opposite of everything he's preached before.  Perhaps he'll bring a message to all people - all races.

When I awoke from this dream - I immediately thought of what God did to Saul. We all know that Saul had that blinding vision on the Road to Damascus. He became a new man with a new name who gloried God until his life was ended in martyrdom. So I relay this word knowing what a race baiting pimps the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barrack Obama are. These men have been using the the name of God for their own political purposes. Also let me state that this dream isn't about politics - but rather about The Kingdom. Blacks have been pursuing reparations when they should have been forgiving those who trespassed against them. I believe for the most part, blacks have been on the wrong road. God has a better and higher road for them.

Have you ever been sinned against? One of the quirky things about being sinned against is that you don't get complete healing until you forgive the one who sinned against you. It seems so unjust to be the one wronged and having to turn around and eat the crow that you know in your heart - the culprit should be eating. But you see - wounds stay open and get infected unless you close the wound and let it heel. Hate festers when we don't let go. We become twisted and should forgive if not for our own over all well being. Generally speaking - the blacks in our country's history were sinned against. They have been freed and have liberty but for some reason - still feel as if they are owed something - or owed more - after all these decades. They have genuine wounds - but wounds they have been picking at, and allowing to fester. They never let healing take it's course. When does the healing take place? The healing begins when black people who harbor their hate (who justify their racism) come to a place and forgive their white brothers. We all know (no matter what color, sex, or creed) how hard it is as a victim to forgive.

I don't know really what the above paragraph has to do with the dream. The thoughts have been lingering for quite some time. I put the two together because they seem to fit. You may accept or reject any part of it. I woke up having a hard time believing it. It is the kind of thing God would and can do with the worst of folk. So to put it in a nutshell - there is a fallen black leader out there who is now in his cave (or heading there)- someone that God is going to raise up and bring forth with a new message - a new work - real change.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a day of good news

I got a call from the area Volkswagen mechanic Micky Boyd. I had the 73 Super-Beetle that my mother in-law gave me towed to Micky's garage. It's been sitting in my driveway for many many months - not being used by anyone except for the cat that lives next door. I only got to drive it a couple of times after receiving it because the spark plug kept popping out of it. My regular mechanic and great guy, Bill Noah, told me that I needed to take it to someone that works on VW's. I was told that a helo-coil would need to be installed in order for the plugs to stay threaded in there. Mickey called me today and said that the engine itself is fine and that there was no need to hoist the engine out. There was a strong possibility that the engine might've been cracked. Relieved from the good news - I asked him to go ahead and do a few other repairs / part replacements before releasing it back to me. I've never met Boyd but he sounds like a good and trustworthy fellow over the phone. It will be nice to have the car running for a change. I know that Mrs. Hale will like to see me driving it. Gina and I are going to clean a place out in the garage for it and treat it like the treasured vintage bug it deserves to be. There are some cosmetic things I'd like to have done with it in the future - but that can wait until we get a little more cash flow in here.

As for school - I studied me ars off these past few weeks for the Anatomy & Physiology test Tuesday night. I've had other test while taking the Therapeutic Massage Program here at GSCC - this one was the most dreaded. Ive never studied like I had to study. I don't think I would have made it without Gina's constant support. Every free moment - she was there with flash cards in hand. I'd even get home from school at 11:00 and there she would be. I know she was tired - but she is really doing everything she can to help me. I went in at 5:00 with a head full of science data that I hoped could fill in the right blanks with. I think I did good on it. I think I did real good...knock on wood. I think I made at least a B - and would be a milestone if I made an A. I feel good about it. I felt lost for so long and just had to keep working on the concepts until things started making sense. You see, this is the first science test I have ever passed. I believe these first few chapters pretty much covered everything I ever failed way back in high school. We'll see - the instructor said that it will take him a couple of weeks before he could get all his grading done (he has four other classes). The class is hard but he's a good teacher.

Monday, September 15, 2008

life inside life

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
—Psalm 139:14

This incredible animation is of life inside a cell.

I have a test in Anatomy and Physiology tomorrow evening. Keep me in your prayers.

over there

got this video today
i am not a big country fan
the message though
is very moving

Sunday, September 14, 2008

freudian slip?

You can find the longer clip from George Stephanopoulos's interview with the democrat-messiah regarding his most recent freudian slip on YouTube. I chose to use the quick 0:11 version.

Do you really believe who he says he is - or isn't - you really ought to do some reading on the Black Liberation Theology. That's the tit ol' Jeramiah Wright (Obama's pastor of 20 years, mentor, and friend)weened himself on and preached to his flock. This Obama fellow isn't doing too good of a job walking on water these days. He seems to be knee deep in it as of late. The cameras though are still trying to pan up.

Somethings wrong folks. I've been sitting in front of the television musing if hard ball questions will ever be aimed at Barack Obama and all I see are soft balls and praise reports. Do you think Charlie Gibson would do the fair thing and put his lord Obama on the hot seat like he tried to do Sarah Palin? Don't hold yer breath.

So George Stephanopoulos picks up the ball for Obama. The media has lost all credibilty with me ages ago. Time to change the channel.

My faith isn't in a man - or a woman. God is the hope of our salvation. We don't need to be wasting our time seeking out little saviors. In God we should trust. To God we should cry out - to Him we should pray for deliverance. But that I guess - probably seems like a weirdo kind of thing for an American to believe and proclaim these days.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We are the Ones (Barack Obama song)

behold the messiah
the manchild
who will come and change the climate
stop global warming
save the polar bears
with a wave of his hand
prince of peace
end all wars
save us from ourselves
he will end racial divide
bring us a world without fear
a world without hate
a world without -fill in blank here -
change everything
with a touch of his merciful hand
with a mere glance
change the this country
change this world
with a word
change is coming
hope is coming
believe in him

oh brother!

Army Spc. Joe Cook

nuff said

Friday, September 12, 2008

happy mom

This was prior to Governor's palin tap for VP.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harry Reid Surrenders

remember who these people are

i remember

i remember experiencing the isolation
watching the attack
alone at home

the smoke and collapse
after the second hit
the immediate realization
that it was not by accident
i wept while watching the towers fall
i remember the experience of isolation
i called gina and we met at the red cross
i remember experiencing the unity
among a room full of
doing what all we knew to do
give blood and pray
wondering what would happen next
and it did
passenger jets were falling from the sky
too many innocent died
the unity as we watched in horror
the unity i remembered
faded faster than i thought it would
after the hunt began
after the machinery of war unleashed
against the evil out to destroy us
unity faded as news media turned against our own
as liberal politicians found power in demoralizing
spinning lies and rewriting what was
and is
casting stones at our commander in chief
things changed quickly
still at war and winning
but very few are reporting that
soldiers are on the ground
fighting the good fight since that horrific day
dieing yes
but winning
seven years since 911
seven years since the world changed
i am back in front of the television
feeling that isolation once again
wishing we as a nation were truly united
united and resolved
resolved to do what must be done
resolved to win
resolved to be the people
we were that day

Monday, September 8, 2008

hard weekend

Because Gina took Labor Day (our anniversary) off, she had to make up for it this past Saturday. She needed me to prep the therapy room each time between patients. It was a quiet day without the phone ringing but very busy. We didn't leave the office until 7:00 p.m.. What a day!Grandmother Hale was kind enough to take care of the girls Saturday - so they could run and play instead of being trapped in the office. We ate, did a WalMart run and then went home to collapse by 9:30. Uggh!

Katie and I woke up early Sunday morning and drove down to Coventry Anglican in Alabaster where I lead worship. It's always good seeing Russell Worrell again. I also enjoyed the service and the fellowship there. The Bishop, Kevin (I can't recall his last name) joined me on keyboards and did a great job - seeing how he didn't have sheet music. I enjoyed playing with him. They really are in need of a worship leader there - asked if I would take on the job. I simply can't. Work and school has pretty much all of my time nailed to the wall. I left after the small fellowship had lunch and I returned home around 2:30. I was so beat after the venture. I put in a little study Sunday evening. As much as I enjoy leading worship among the Anglicans - I can't commit to out of town sessions while I'm schooling.

I am not used to my yard after the tree surgeon did his thing last week. We had a huge tree removed from behind our house. It was the tree that shaded my back patio. We no longer have that wonderful shade - then again - we no longer have huge tree limbs hanging over our house - bombarding our roof with nuts. We almost all of our trees pruned or thinned in front and back of our house. It cost a pretty penny and Gina and I feel our environment is safer for our family.

I am afraid our pool area will be too expensive to ever restore. It's basically a huge gated ditch. I continue to keep the water drained from the vast ugly hole. Maybe one of these days we'll have the money to enjoy the area again. Another pooless Summer has passed. With all the taxes we've had to pay out for this business - I don't see fixing it anytime in the near future. I have been tempted to sell the ironwork fence to my sister in-law and fill in the hole. She's asked about it. Gina doesn't want it to happen. She loves the pool thing. Who knows?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Matinee

five minutes of Buster Keaton
music by Radiohead

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gingerbread Cookie Blues

This song reminds me of Brook. Maybe he can learn this one to go along with his classic Sugar Blues song. I love this animation.

I've had bad luck trying to post YouTube videos as of late. I hope this one post.

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1

Gina and I were married this day eighteen years ago. We had today to celebrate thanks to Mrs. Hale (my mom in-law). Gina and I drove down to B'ham to have lunch at Macaroni Grill. We walked around The Summit and for a while and then caught a movie. We had a hard time deciding because there really wasn't much of interest on. We then drove over to Cheesecake Factory for desert. I'd never been so it was a treat.

I know it doesn't sound spectacular - but it was. I spent a whole day with my girl. I guess absence from the preceding week our hearts fonder because I enjoyed every minute of the day with her. Gina has been working morning to evening at the office and I have spent three out of five evenings of the week at school or studying for school. This new school schedule leaves us without each other for the better part of the week.

School is going alright. I am enjoying the classes and the teachers. So much of this stuff is way over my head and I am having to constantly keep kicking to keep my head above these waters. Kinesiology is tomorrow night. I've spent most of my available time reading over chapters, PowerPoint's, and notes. Gina has been kind enough to drill me on what I've learned. Wednesday night is Anatomy and Physiology. EGAD! Again, I am enjoying the class but I am currently experiencing a Tsunami of terms and concepts that are overwhelming. I am reading the material and will endeavor to tread water.

I'll be leading worship next Sunday at an Anglican fellowship down in B'ham next weekend. I've decided to not book any more out of town ventures until I finish up schooling. Study time and family time are precious. Gina will be working all day next Saturday to make up for taking off today. Her lymphedema patients need their five days a week. She's going to be wanting to sleep late Sunday.

The week looks pretty full for both of us, living and working on what seems different sides of the world. Gina helps get the kids dressed and on the buss and she sees them for a little while before putting them in bed. I see the girls when I pick them up from school and a little at the office. I leave the office for school and every one's in bed by the time I return home. I don't particularly care for the limited family time but will do what is needed to get through this season of our lives.

Today - today was a great day. I got to be with Gina. I was fueled for the week to come. We talked about our week, she helped me with some of my studies, we took a long walks, dined together, and held hands like young lovers do. Things are kind of crazy as of late - but I have her right here by my side and she's got me. To sum things up - life is hard - yet I am blessed.