Wednesday, May 21, 2008

beware of Defender Pro 15-in-1

I was really in need of a good virus protection tool. I was at Walmart a few days ago and decided to check and see what they had. I was going to buy the Norton but then I saw a program that was cheaper and seemed to offer more in utilities. I held the Norton Internet Security 2008 box next to the Defender Pro 15-In-1 box. Yep, Defender seemed to have it all together and had all these Kudos from various tech publications and the like. I unfortunately, decided to give this product a try.

It was trouble from the get go. Anything that could go wrong (short of the hard drive crashing) did go wrong. The computer locked up several times after installing it. Desktop applications wouldn't open upoon clicking. The virus program would freeze up after hours of attempted scans. I had to power up and power down I don't know how many times. I had to slowly advance forward in safe mode, write in (E-mail) for tech support (during the install process for goodness sakes). The program is full of bugs. It was a nightmare. I was instructed to uninstall the program and then reinstall online. More of the same malfunctions. It was as if I had paid for and installed a virus program rather than an anti-virus program. AHHHHH!

Finally I had decided to uninstall the program for good and get it the hell off my hard drive. Guess what, it refused to do so the second time. It refused to do so the third and fourth time. Fortunately, Defender Pro had a website where I could read a fix to get me out of the Code #1921. I also got some nice long tech instructions telling me what I should do to fix the install. I did everything I was told to a T on the first tech support letter. The second long tech support letter, I didn't read. I told them to save their breath - that I was packing it up and taking their wonderful program back to Wally World!

Today I went back to Walmart with the evil program and the receipt. The lady in Customer Service asked if the program had been opened and that they didn't give refunds. I told her that I wanted to TRADE UP to something that would work. She said I could do that. This fat boy ran back to the software section and picked up NORTON!!!! Yes, I had to pay more but it was worth every penny. It loaded quickly and scanned in minutes...minutes I say! It took over twelve hours for Defender Pro to scan my system...and failed at that. So let this be a lesson to you. Just go for the tried and true when it comes to your security and well being of your computer...the tried and true. Defender Pro could have very well messed me up big time. After I had pulled the program from my computer I decided to go to a few consumer review sites. Guess what, other people, the same program, the same problems. NORTON FOLKS! NORTON!
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