Tuesday, April 15, 2008

day at deptford

A heartfelt thank you to Wynne L. Creekmore, Jr for sending me four images of the buzz bomb damage at Deptford. Mr. Creekmore's father was the Captain of USS LST-384. It was kind of him to mail copies of these images to Uncle Pat, who I know will be very excited to find them in his mail box. I scanned them into PhotoShop and did a little clean up. Click on the ship names to read more about about each LST at the navsource.org site. USS LST-384 USS LST-312 USS LST-981

The above crewman unknown, more than likely this was taken aboard LST-384. Pat said that the bomb did a good bit more damage to the 384 that was moored closely aside LST-312.

The Invasion of France and Germany
Author: Samuel Eliot Morison
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
IV. Miscellaneous Bases / Page 61

"Deptford, on the Thames below London, established February 1944. Advanced amphibious maintenance base, especially for LST and other beaching craft from the Mediterranean for assignment to the British follow-up force for NEPTUNE; 25 officers and 425 men by 1 May. Owing to the location, this base was exposed to frequent enemy bombings, but on 1 June was able to report that the 38 American LST attached to Force “L” were 100 per cent operational. It became a main target for German V-1 bombs on and after 13 June. LST-312 and LST-384, when moored abreast, received a direct hit on 8 July, were heavily damaged and lost 14 men killed and 11 badly wounded."

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