Sunday, March 30, 2008

an email in January

I recieved the following email back in January. I responded to Mr. Creekmore's email and will post the photocopied images as I recieve them. I'm sure Pat is interested in getting his hands on these copies. -David

Dear Mr. Findlayson,
Every once in a while I generally search the LST 384 on the Internet to see what shows up; I have always been curious about it, because my father was the captain from December, 1944, (Boston Harbor) until the end of the war in the Pacific. I just came across your website with its references to 312 & 384 which is why I'm sending you this email.

My father wanted to command a ship; he had been teaching navigation in Chespeak Bay - he was offered the 384 and he grabbed it and it was a mess (that's another story).

He told me it had taken a hit from a buzz bomb in Portsmouth after Normandy; many people were killed and the ship was badly damaged - among other things, its wheel house was knocked on its side. It was towed from Britain to Boston where it was repaired.

The only picture I ever saw of the 312 is the same one that you publish on your website, but my picture is identified to be on Utah Beach (see The National Geographic, 100 Years of Adventure & Discovery, 1987, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, New York, page 253).

The reason I was interested in the 312 was because I have four pictures taken of the 312 & 384 in Portsmouth after they were hit by the bomb. The pictures are stern-views taken from shore or another ship. 384 is outboard on the left, 312 is beside it to starboard and LST 981 is on the starboard side of 312. While the 384's wheelhouse is a shambles, 312 does not appear to have one at all.

The pictures I have are stuck (maybe glued) in an album - if you would like, I will be glad to Xerox them for you. Let me know a mailing address, and I will send them to you.
Wynne L. Creekmore, Jr.
Danville, Kentucky

I found a USA TODAY article relating to a sailor aboard USS LST-384
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