Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Berry Merry Christmas

David, George E. Berry, Jr was our very likeable Executive Officer on our return to the USA. Yes, I remember he hailed from Greenburg, PA. He reported aboard our ship just a month or so before I and two others of our original officer assignees were detached from the ship on which we had been serving since its commissioning date in Jan., 1943. Each one of us was reassigned to our respective home Naval District . I was so happy to get back to my home state of South Carolina and to be in Charleston at the time the war ended.- in August, 1945.

Incidentally, Lieutenant Berry, Lt. j.g. Dick Braman, and myself were the three wise men on a Christmas Day party aboard our LST 312 on that memorable return crossing of the Atlantic in 1944. I have a picture of the three of us standing on the ship's main deck joyously singing carols. I'll save it for your Burruss blog. You would not recognize any of us in the makeshift costume and cottony beards the crew made for us.

More later, Pat
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