Friday, March 28, 2008

USS LST-312 more from the front

Uncle Pat had asked me to see what I could find on LeutnantGeneral Karl Wilhelm Dietrich von Schlieben. LeutnantGeneral Schlieben was the second in comand in Normandy, immediately under Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (The Desert Fox). As you may recall, Rommel just prior to the invasion of Normandy - took a trip away from the coast to be with his wife for her birthday. LeutnantGeneral von Schlieben had been left in command during the absence of Rommel. Karl was captured June 26, 1944 at Cherbourg, France. Pat said that after the capture of von Schlieben, he was put on board the USS LST-312 (Pat's ship) for passage to South Hampton. Pat did not know where the General was taken beyond that point. He asked me if I could find anything and so I did a little Googling. I found out that von Schleiben was taken to Trent Park Camp 11 (Sorting Camp), then to Camp 24 (hospital camp), and then to Island Farm Special Camp 11. This camp seems quite the luxurious place to sit out the rest of the war. It's where many high ranking prisoners of war were held- little did they know that all the trees and park benches were wired. Many of the rooms were bugged as well. This all sounds like a great premise for a movie. von Schlieben was repatriated in October of 1947. Do read the URLs that I've high-lighted/linked, it all make for an interesting read.

I also found out that von Schlieben died June 18, 1964 in Giessen. It seems that June never panned out to be a good month for him. I had asked uncle Pat if he perchance got to speak with the von Schlieben while on board the 312 but he told me that that kind of contact was restricted. That figures.
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