Thursday, March 6, 2008

familiar passage

tonight i heard my daughter
sob and say
i wish i were small again
life was wonderful
now everything is hard
one day things were easy
and now everything is scary
i heard sobs from her bedroom last night too
i overheard her confide to her mother
she said something that sounded too familiar
that echoed from the memory of my very childhood
she asked
"what is wrong with me"
i stood in the hallway
and cringed
the devil is a liar
and he uses public schools
to whisper his lies
into small ears
if a child can't fit the mold
understand the curriculum
keep up with it's pace
one gets lost
the school bus doesn't slow down for every child
the school bus doesn't always stop
i remember my little hell
being lost and categorized
somewhat hopeless
somewhere back there
when something broke inside me
how many times have i prayed
over my little ones
that they never have to go through
what i did
that little hell
that little daily hell
i laid hands on her tonight
prayed over her fears
chase away her tears
that seem to come each night these days
she goes to school to learn to read and write
and comes back beaten down
mother and i will do everything we can to help her
pray over her
study with her
get her tutored
stand up for her
but at this moment
as midnight nears
my heart breaks for her
my heart cries out to God for her
i don't want her to go
where i went
to be broken to a point
that it takes decades to be fixed
God be with my little ones
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