Friday, March 7, 2008

an explanation

To be fair to the school, faculty/ teachers, are working with us, trying to help. Katie's math tutor (her fifth grade teacher) has been helping her understand the concepts and is even in contact with Katie's math teacher. There are things we can do and are doing. Gina has had helpful conversations with the principal and the assistant principal. Katie is now bringing home an agenda book that all concerned are making entries. We are monitoring what she is studying and trying to brush up on weak areas at home.

The text of the previous post is that of a father's heart - still dealing in ways with my own childhood experiences. Ever since Katie started grammar school, I have had to bite my tongue - hide my past so as to not taint her present. I told Katie today that there is nothing wrong with her, just like Brook told me back when I was in tenth grade and ready to drop it all. I spent a little time this afternoon building her up, expose the lie being whispered into that precious head of hers. Sixth grade has been a hard year for her. She's having to study for hours after school - if she doesn't - she'll fall behind. Sometimes she studies till bedtime. A lot of it is life - life IS hard and we have to do what has to be done in order to stay afloat. I'd like for her to have more play time but if this is what it takes to keep up - we've got to help her do so. I sure wish the world would let my kid be a kid a little longer.

I know my Katie - she is just as smart as she is sweet...she's just outside of the mold like her dad.

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