Tuesday, March 4, 2008

dead man walking

i purchased a used Maytag dryer yesterday from Cooper A-1
nice folk
good deal
i plugged it in when i got home and commenced washing clothes
i had a ton to wash
wash wash wash
the dryer works like a charm
better than the previous
we didn't have anything clean
house full of girls
i washed and folded until two in the morning
from seven to two
i was so tired
but i had to keep washing
because i didn't know when i was going to find time later in the week
i fell asleep on the couch
gina woke me up at five fifteen
i didn't know she was going to get me up at five fifteen
no warning
the volkswagon is still broke
didn't know it until this morning
i drove it home last night
it didn't want to wake up either
we had to wake the little ones
all get down town by six in the one running vehicle
i am so tired today
so so so verrrrry tirrrrred
the bed seems so very far from this moment in time
i want to sleep
and dream of sleeping
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