Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Westbrook After Dark"

Here's a request from a critic...Will you please play "WHO"

Ward Morehouse was a famous American theatre critic, newspaper columnist, playwright, and author. At least that's what wikipedia says. By the way Jennie - wikipedia states that Morehouse is buried in Statesboro, GA. Dad had some pretty interesting people in the audience.

The frustrating thing is that I don't know any of these songs. I have a scrapbook filled with photos but no sound recording. I once asked Dad years ago if he recorded anything. He said he did and I believe I once saw an unlabeled LP floating around the house growing up that wasn't the format of a regular LP. I never got to hear it. Dad said that he made a recording but it wasn't the best ensemble...the orchestra got better in time. I believe my Uncle Pat once told me (decades ago) that he had a wire recording of the orchestra. Old or new ensemble, I'd still like to hear him singing some of his songs.
"Acclaimed as one of the most distinctive dance bands in the South, HENRY WESTBROOK and his Band feature a choice of versatile and accomplished musicians. From the extremes of College and Prep School Proms to sophisticated night clubs and exclusive resorts, they have been heralded by members of both young and older society. Smart music, smart appearance, and smart presentation have given this talented group of young musicians an enviable position in the world of modern music."
-flyer copy

Digress warning:
Back in 1993 I recorded a CD. The primary reason for recording it was to have a record of songs that I'd written. God took the project in a completely direction once I got underway. Gina and I had STAND produced primarily to have some of my original work burned to CD. The original work wasn't intended to as message driven as it turned out to be. The original title was going to be PRIMARY COLORS and would have songs about life, love, and faith. It didn't happen. Once I got underway with recording, new songs came and replaced the old ones. The only song originally intended for Primary Colors is FOR DAD...the song I wrote just prior to Dad's death back in July of 1990.

I'm going to be heading over to J. Holland's studio tomorrow night to master some live recordings made over the course of the last year entitled PICKS. It's getting mighty close to Christmas and I gave him an Santa escape Clause...meaning...he can drop me at a moments notice if his day gets too hectic. Anyway, I am crossing my fingers and hoping to get something done. Gina had asked me a few months back to please record more of my a Christmas present to her. So far, I think I've got almost twelve songs.

I am driven by thoughts of not having music of my Dad. Yes Michael, I do want pass down music for my I wish I had from my Father. I would also like Brook to finish his work. He's working toward it and I know it will happen one day.
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