Tuesday, December 11, 2007

this and that

About a month ago Gina left my 2GB jump drive in her pants pocket before washing. Darryl B. suggested that I let it air out for a while before giving up on it. He was right. I let it sit for several weeks and tried it out yesterday. The jump drive works and the information on it is retrievable. Thanks Darryl!
Christmas. I have discovered it a good thing to avoid a lot of the holiday events in order to maintain a good attitude through out Christmas. It's too easy for me to get Christmased-out. One definite activity to keep on the to do list is to load up the thermos with hot chocolate and drive the wife and kids around town looking at lights. I don't want to go to too many parties or go to many Christmas specials. Gina has learned to go get her fix of such productions alone (or with the kids), and let me stay home by the fire.

I got to talk to my old pal Mychael J. T. last week. He's working on a new worship album. I'd like to get him down at Vineyard when he's finished with it. Years ago he used to come to Skylight (Christian Brothers Assoc.) and play. Back then he'd come and play for love offering and GIVE away cassettes of his music. He asked me last week if I had - or knew anybody that had the cassette WAR & PEACE. If there is anyone out there who still has it = let me know. Mychael would like to revisit that work and re-record much of it.

I'll be spending a little more time at home as Christmas approaches. Gina asked that I stay home and clean-clean-clean. We're having a few family parties at our house and our house looks bombed out. I spent an hour in the kitchen last night cleaning...still needs more work. I am trying to clean house in the evenings but not able to get much done.

Still trying to get PICKS mastered. Hopefully before Christmas so I can burn a copy for Gina. It was something that she wanted as a gift.

Has anyone had a Firehouse meatball sub yet? I've never been a big fan of meatball subs. Subway's sub is so-so and so is Arby's new meatball sub. Firehouse subs are pretty darn good, I don't go there often because I avoid driving down East Meighan as often as possible. Say, does anyone out there remember SUBS UNLIMITED? They made really great subs. I used to get their Italian cold cut and have them toast it. I sure wish they were still around.

Last Saturday Gina and I spent all day together. The kids stayed overnight with Grandma and we got some shopping down while in Trussville. We don't get much alone time and we enjoyed our time together. That evening we made our way down to Pelham to celebrate Lyn's Birthday. I don't get to see Paul & Lyn since leading worship at the Bessemer Vineyard. The party was fun. Jerry and Adria C. were there and so was Richard M. Good times.
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