Monday, December 3, 2007

productive weekend

I spent most of the day Saturday in my studio. The wainscoting looked great after I got the final coat of sanding sealer on. I decided to re designate an old desk we had upstairs for my office until I can find one that will work better. I sat down in my little cave and immediately had an idea for a Christmas song.

I was tired by Sunday and decided to rest. I usually was clothes all day but I didn't feel like it. I built a nice fire, watched TV and piddled about. I can't tell you how many times I'd pear into my new little studio. It's a space like I've always wanted. I sat in there Sunday some more and wrote some more lyrics to my Christmas song. While doing so, I had an idea for another song called Walk Down That Highway. I don't write many country songs because I'm not a big fan of country. I do have an appreciation for the genre. Every now and then I have a solid idea that I flesh out. This new song, like Unrighteous Man, has a very nice feel to it and I'll enjoy performing it. Like Unrighteous Man, this song has a Johnny Cash kind of feel to it. I hear harmonies as I sing it. Can't wait to sing it with The Guise.

I've got a mild cold. I been feeling it come on the past few days. I've been taking tons of herbs as of late and hopefully the illness will continue to be mild. The girls are really looking forward to the Christmas Parade tonight. I am not sure that I should go. If Gina can't take them, I will do it. We always have a lot of fun hanging out around Vineyard. Free Hot Coco and lots of banter among my church family.

Jose'....THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU! I appreciate your help so very much.

I am going to try to get by Colours today and talk to them about some blinds. I also need to pick up a gallon of black satin paint. The work doesn't seem to end but I finally feel as if I'm getting somewhere. The basement as a whole is looking more like a home rather than a huge undertaking with no end in sight. Thanks to Jose'...there is an end in sight.

By the way, Richard asked me to lead worship Wednesday night. I know that Michael and Jose' read this blog so...if either of you would like to join...I'd love to have you.
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