Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pembroke Finlayson

Years ago, when I was just a lad growing up, Brook and I had a picture next to our bed. One of the photos was of Brooks baseball team picture (Kiwanis) and the other a framed clipping from an old Cheraw newspaper. The photo on the newspaper was of an old Cheraw team that my grandfather played as well as his uncle Pembroke Finlayson. The photo on this blog isn't from that little hometown team photo but one taken as he rose to fame in the major leagues (Brooklyn Superbas).
I know very little of him until just the other week...not by a family telling but from another blog online, Ron Schuler's Parlour Tricks (July 31, 2007 entry). If you are a family member, I do believe it will be of some interest to you. It's a wonderful read. You can also Google Pembroke Finlayson and read his stats at numerous sports. Go ahead and Google him for yourself Sib's. This Ron Schuler is the most information I've read about him. All the family names measure up to our family tree info.
My dad loved baseball. He'd organize teams when he was a kid growing up in Cheraw. He'd tell me how he'd go to bat (while on crutches) as a kid and have friends run the bases for him. I don't recall him watching much football but did love America's favorite pass time. He enjoyed pulling for the Atlanta Braves. I guess having a father that played on the local team as well as having a famous major leaguer uncle made an impression. Westbrook's kids have memories of Dad sitting on a stool at 2624 Scenic hitting balls to his kids on a Sunday afternoon. I never really cared about watching a game on TV but always enjoyed playing catch with Dad or better yet, a family game in the backyard.
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