Monday, December 24, 2007

more Narnia

I built a nice fire in the fireplace and called Katie down to the basement. We pulled the two wing-back chairs before the open fireplace and read the rest of Dawn Treader. I had my feet on the ledge in front of the fire and my socks got toasty, as did the book jacket facing the fire.

I enjoying doing dramatic reads.

We took a break before reading the last chapter and had a snack of milk and gingerbread cookies. It's a very nice kind of Christmas Eve experience. As we ended the book, Aslan told Lucy and Edmund that they would not be returning. I glanced over to Katie and her eyes were rimmed red ready for a tear. I smiled, "How about we start the next book?" She smiled and ran up stairs to fetch The Silver Chair.

Gina came home about 2:00ish with a handful of groceries. She decided to cook a Christmas hen for dinner. That's nice, I feel as if I have been eating soup and sandwiches for the past week. By jove - I do believe that I have.
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