Friday, December 21, 2007

Jennie Wait Foster Finlayson

This is my grandmother on my father's side. She's a very beautiful woman. My oldest sister Jennie looks a lot like her. John Wrisley, who is an old neighbor and dear friend of my aunt Jennie Llew Guyton emailed me this photo of grandmother. I don't recall ever seeing it before. He's been downloading the images I've posted of my dad and mailing them to Jennie Llew, Murdock, and Pat. He emailed me this photo a few days ago. What a treat to see her again. The only question I have about this photograph is why she is wearing shoulder pads. Either she enjoyed a rough game of Sunday afternoon backyard football or she had to wear some kind of for rearing those seven kids of hers. Then again, football shoulder pads might have been in fashion in those days...probably the later.

My grandmother died October 24, 1969. My mom told me of her passing. I had just returned from playing with my friend Dan Parrish. His dad had just died of cancer and his mother had decided to leave town. My guess is that she moved to be closer to the love and support of family. The big moving van shadowed the small yard in front of the Parrish home. Dan and I sat on the stoop playing with his G.I. Joes until it was time for them to leave. I remember riding my bike home and walking into the kitchen from the side door. Mom told me that Grandmother had died. It was a very sad day.

Being a kid, I don't remember much about her. I do remember her sweet smile on that beautiful old face. I remember her last visit to Gadsden, she complained that her shoulders were hurting her. I believe dad had recommended that I help because I massaged his poor legs frequently. So she sat on the edge of my bed and let me massage her shoulders. I remember her being very appreciative of my help. That's the last memory I have of her.

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