Friday, December 28, 2007

AAA forgiven

I just deleted my post about Gina getting stranded and AAA taking forever to come to her rescue. I got a letter from the ERS Field Rep for South Alabama requesting that I give him a call. I did. I figured maybe I was going to get either a big BS excuse or a grand apology. Well-I got the later. He also gave me his 24/7 cell number and asked that my wife and I could use it anytime we needed. AAA is forgiven and I appreciate the way the guy handled this matter. No, we can't go back in time and fix things but he instructed me on ways to handle future situations that would speed along the process and reduce the possibilities of this kind incident from happening again.

To put it in a nutshell. The AAA dispatchers are out of Texas and they of course don't know the area. The Alabama AAA member knows the area better and can instruct the dispatchers which city is closer. The Rep told me that sometimes the dispatchers are lazy and shouldn't be depending solely on their computers in front of them. If the dispatcher isn't helpful, insist on their Supervisor. The other day, December 7th, the dispatcher told Gina that she wasn't sending the Rainbow Exxon but the one from Jacksonville. The AAA Rep told me that there is nothing wrong if the member decides to call the AAA tow service directly. They prefer us to go through the proper channels, but if the proper channel doesn't work, make the call yourself. If all else fails, the Alabama Rep said he sleeps with his cell phone right by his bed.

That being generously offered. I am satisfied.
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