Wednesday, November 5, 2014

complaint department

a delicate piece of crap

I originally composed the following message for the LifeScan/OneTouch website, but realized before posting that I couldn't complain unless I let them have my cell phone number (and other info) to share third party partner advertisers (giving me another reason to complain). The message reads as follows:

"Several months ago I purchased your Ultra Touch Ultra Mini through my local CVS.  I don't have a problem with the blood glucose meter itself, BUT (1) the lancing device doesn't work as well as the one I that I used with my older Reli-On Micro.  I have been wasting test strips because your One Touch Delica lancing device doesn't work effectively and cost efficiently.  A you well know, test strips are not cheap, and your lancing devise is wasting my money. I tossed the lancing device today and went back to my old reliable Reli-On lancer.  It works without a hitch.  Another issue with your product is (2) the carry case is simply too small, surely you guys had already realized that along the way.  The pouch works great when all it carries is the meter itself. This little pouch is supposed to be a convenient traveler, but it's really inconvenient because it's too small to be of any practical use. It's difficult zipping up once the lancets, test strips and your lancing device is stuffed in there. It's simply too much of a hassle to zip after each use. (3) You recently sent me a logbook in the mail, and I appreciate that.  But it's just one more to have to cram back into the tight little carrying case.  The pocket is too snug for the logbook, especially when the small carry pouch is loaded with the glucose meter and the essentials.

Even though your OneTouch Ultra Mini is a good meter, you all need to rethink the rest of this product.  I'm tired of messing with it.  I'm going back to my old meter once I've finished with this container of test strips. Case closed.
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