Saturday, December 8, 2012

we read onward

It's been difficult finding time to do our family reading of The Hobbit.  I started the book almost a month ago by reading the first two chapters. We were hoping to read the book before the movie came out.  It's clear we are not going to make it.  We all experienced a touch and go moment with Gina's mother.  She spent two weeks in the hospital and we nearly lost her.  She seems to be doing much better now.

Katie and Kelsey have been occupied with school and the Finlayson family had little time to read together.  Gina spent most of  November almost living at the hospital.  I took care of the home front, doing what ever needed to be done to keep things going.  Before we knew it, December arrived.

Today we had a family day.  We all had a big breakfast together at Cracker Barrel, went to visit grandmother Hale, and then back home to put up the Christmas tree.  The day passed by quickly.  To finish the day off, we had pizza down by the lit tree and then ventured back to Middle Earth together. Tonight Kelsey met Gollum for the first time.  We read Riddles In The Dark.

I always read with voices and dialects.  I am trying on a new voice for Gandalf this time around.  In the past I've used the voice of Sean Connery, but this time I'm giving the old grey wizard the voice of the late great John Houston.  Houston isn't a voice I've used a lot.  If The Hobbit had been made 40 years ago, I think Houston would've made a great Gandalf.

John Houston was an actor, screenwriter and director.  He produced many classics which include The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of Sierra Madre, Key Largo, The African Queen and The Man Who Would be King.  My wife or kids have no idea who Houston is or his works.

Maybe one day when they do hear him, they'll recognize his voice as my Gandalf.

Houston would've made a great Gandalf.

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