Sunday, December 2, 2012

vast reality wasteland

What happened to TV while I was away?

About three years ago Gina and I had to drop certain amenities at our household because (a) finances got tight and we had to focus on our debt, and (b) we spent so much time at our office that we didn't have time to watch television at home.  At that time we decided to do away with certain expenses around the house that we knew we could do without.  We ditched Internet, phone and satellite television.

While we had our business, we had to have Internet, so I had access there.  We didn't miss the phone because we HAD to pay out the nose to AT&T for three lines there.  Television we mostly did without.  I had a collection of DVDs, and if we had to watch something different, or I'd (a) go to Red Box, (b) watch for really cheap DVDs to buy or (c) borrow from family members.  I watched from my own collection mostly...over and over again.  Usually television is background noise when I'm working on a project, cleaning house, and napping.

Our clinic went under at the end of August.  My family needed Internet.  My daughter is taking college courses and needed to get online.  I got real tired of driving down the road to jack some WiFi from McDonalds.  I received a basic package deal from Charter Cable for Internet, phone and television back in September and so I got hooked up.

As you can see, I am enjoying the Internet.  The phone though, I don't answer much, because I rarely get a call from family or friends.  I mostly get sales calls.  The first day - sales calls.  Second day - sales calls.  Third day - sales calls. BAH!

I am a little disappointed with the television. What has happened over the last three years since I've been away?  History Channel is now mostly REALITY fact...almost all channels are mostly REALITY TV!  I know there was reality television programs when we dropped television, but this is ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong.  There's a lot of reality shows I like, but they keep showing the same shows over and over and over again.  When I turn on the television show the next day, it's the same shows running back to back, over and over again.  Eventually something's got to change, because this isn't entertainment.
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