Thursday, September 2, 2010

what's up?

I am still coughing from sucking in all the kitchen demolition from last Sunday.  I am answering the phone at the office and can not talk without coughing. gag.

My Martin is still at Gadsden Music.  I have missed it.  The little tailpiece that the strap and 1/4" jack had come unloose.  My arm was too fat to reach into the wafer thin body of the guitar to tighten.  Danny Moon said that he would give it a shot, but couldn't promise anything.  I don't think he had the tool..  He emailed me with good news yesterday, it's fixed.  I am just looking for the time to pick it up.  Danny not only knows his stuff, but is a sweetheart of a guy.

I've been doing the same old same old.  Yesterday, our 20th, we did the same.  It was a pleasant day, but passed without a celebration.  Hopefully we'll do something this weekend to celebrate our wonderful marriage.  We'll see.

My '73 Super-beetle gave me some trouble yesterday.  It was idling too high and the accelerator pedal was sticking.  I noticed the weirdness after having been almost run off the road by a lady who was changing into my lane without looking.  Nothing was going on at the office after lunch so Gina urged me to drive over to Floyd VW and have him look at it.  Eddie Floyd is a great guy.  He got the car sounding like a VW should sound again.  I took it home and gave it a bath and a wax before picking up the girls from school.

When we got home, Katie and Kelsey went into homework mode and didn't need me.  I spent the time before Gina returned home to finish screwing in the sub-floor for the tile.  I got out of the kitchen in time to get out of Gina and Katie's way so they could cook dinner.  Shrimp Alfredo and Garlic Cheese biscuits.

Gina and I spent the remainder of the evening watching the last two episodes of season 3 of 24.  Gina went to bed, and I went into my study and worked late into the night polishing up a new song.  I played till I was too tired to play.   Though it was a busy day, I never feel more satisfied or productive than to have finished a new song.

I look forward to getting my Martin back.
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