Sunday, September 19, 2010

places: beginnings

I went there for the job.  
I went there for her.
There was nothing about the place that I liked.  I could never see myself settling there, but she told me she had friends, a town where we could do good.

I didn't realize that demons can follow where ever you go.  They don't pay tolls.  They find you.  They know where you are, and how to play the scene around you. I've learned that no matter where you go, they'll come knock on your door.

I was  foolish to think that the new scenery would change things.  I was foolish to go to a place I'd never been.  I wasn't thinking ahead, I was looking at her lips and lost in her eyes.

The streets of the town I came from had led me nowhere.  I was living with no options and no plans. I was tired. My luck to that point was thinner than a railroad penny.  So I hitched myself onto her optimism. She was the only bright spot so far.  It was her idea to go.  It was her smile that lured me.

I spent what I had for a pack of smokes and train fare. We left together.
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