Wednesday, September 1, 2010

20 years ago today

We are older now, but the love is the same.  

The above photo was taken the weekend I proposed to Gina.  I woke up that Friday morning with her on my mind.  I knew the day wasn't going to end without asking her.  She was working in Chattanooga at the time and so I took off from work a little early to drive out there.

I love Gina.  I love the life that has followed since she said 'I do'.

She woke me with a kiss this morning, and sang 'Happy anniversary baby - I've got you on my mind'.

The day so far looks full.  I don't perceive having time to do anything special today, just working with that someone special.  When the workday ends, we'll go home and help with homework, prep diner and I'll work on the kitchen floor while Gina puts Kelsey to bed.  Even though its more than likely going to play out like a typical school night, I am grateful for every day I have with Gina and my girls.
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