Sunday, July 11, 2010

weekend at the movies

 Knight and Day * * * *  Gina and I got away for a date Saturday evening. We had no idea what this movie was about or if it would be good or not.  I knew that Gina likes spy thrillers - Bourne Identity type action.  The on-line trailer seemed to indicate that it border-lined being a romantic comedy.  After seeing it, I believe this could describe the movie. We were both pleased with the movie even if the online critics weren't happy with it.  I am not a big of Tom Cruise, but this is one of his good movies.  Anyone who liked the Mission Impossible flicks ought to enjoy this one.
Toy Story 3 * * * * *  The entire family was looking forward to seeing this movie.  None of us were disappointed.  I am not going to spoil movies I'm rating here, but this is a must see.  All of us enjoyed it, and it's well worth the ticket price.  As much as I enjoyed the last installment of the Shrek franchise, I think this one is the better.  This fifty-something year old was moved by this toy story.  It's wonderful storytelling and it's just as good as the first installment, if not better.

Both of these movies were thoroughly entertaining.  Too many movies out there are predictable - I can usually see what's coming within the first thirty minutes of the feature.  I appreciate something fresh - both of the above flicks were just that.
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