Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a pain in the neck

I get a lot of clients with the same kind of neck pain.  A lot of neck pain comes from repetitive movement.  People who sit at a desk, or carry heavy objects.  Carrying those huge purses can cause that pain too girls.  All of this weakens your muscles.

Try this.  Set up your workstation so that the top of your monitor is even with your eyes.  Get a chair with good lumbar support.  Don't just sit at your desk for hour after hour without getting up.  Do your neck and back a favor.  Get up and move around (15 - 30 seconds) every thirty minutes. 

I'll be happy to show you some stretches next time you're in the office for a massage.  Are you also experiencing back pain?  Walking can strengthen your back muscles.  Oh, I almost forgot.  A good  therapeutic massage might do wonders

-David B. Finlayson LMT, NCTM
 Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage

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