Tuesday, July 6, 2010

best sandwiches around

Last Friday we were invited to an outdoor event in Ohatchee.  We were told that there was a Pizza place in the strip mall that served a great Muffuletta sandwich.  It has been years since I've had a Muffuletta.  Gina and I drove the girls out for dinner and an outdoor concert.  The restaurant is called Custom Made Pizza of Ohatchee and it's great food.  I live on the edge here in Southside and am delighted to know that this place is just a short drive down Hwy 77.  A piece of advice, don't order the large if you are going alone. I bet you could split a large between four people.  This hole in the wall is worth finding.

One of my other favorite sandwiches in the area can be found at Pas'ghetti's in Rainbow City.  It's called the M-5 (five meat sandwich).  It is an incredible sandwich that is hard to finish in one sitting.  I noticed where they also serve Muffuletta's but have yet to try it.  Pas'ghetti's also has a good Stromboli Steak sandwich too. I'm sure most people think of Pas'ghettis as a good place to get pasta.  I highly recommend their sandwiches as well.

I went to The Flip Side Cafe' (Gadsden, AL) this afternoon.  Having their Reuben is what inspired this post today.  They have the best Reuben in town.  I enjoyed my sandwich with an order of their crispy thin sweet potato fries.  Make sure you get a fresh hot batch of the fries when you order.  It's worth the wait.

That's my top three picks.  What are your local favorites?
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