Friday, April 2, 2010

last trip to grace

Yesterday I led worship at the Grace recovery meeting at the Gadsden Vineyard.  It's the last time I'll being doing Grace because next Thursday is the last Grace.  I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed these nights.  God quickly showed me early on that I was not just leading worship, but being an example of worship.  As time went by I felt God giving me the freedom to loosen up and have fun with it.   So not only was I to be an example of worship, but an example of JOY as well.

Last night I didn't go with a band - I just went with my guitar and harmonicas.  It all seemed to go well.  The group seemed to be receptive and listened.  It was good to hear some laughter during worship, seeing how these guys are required by the judge to be there.  I know that it's a captive audience, literally, but it's always been in my heart that those in recovery enjoy Grace nights.  I know I do.  I will really miss Grace.  From the start, it was a unique opportunity of worship.

Thank you Richard and Seth for letting me take part.  Thank you Lord!  May God continue to show His immediate presence for those in recovery.  I hope they not only find deliverance, but redeemed so that they might too lead others to the love, glory, and grace of God.
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