Thursday, January 28, 2010

go tele everybody

I've just started playing my old Telecaster during the past few weeks.  Ron Greer from Rainbow Jewelry and Loan was kind enough to work on it for me.  Brook had purchased it about 30 years ago from Laverty Music Company.  It was thought that the guitar was a '63 model, but Ron informed me a few weeks ago that my Tele is a '51 or '52.  The serial number has only four digits.

Though the guitar doesn't have the original finish, neck, or pick guard.  The body and hardware are all original.  It's got a great sound and I've found a new love in playing it.

I just composed a new worship song that's fun to play on it.  It's taken from Psalm 88 and 89.  I'm calling the new song 'King David Blues'.   Bruce Cornutt had asked me to join his team this Sunday and I'm taking my Telecaster with me.

It's a coincidence while I was finishing up my tune that Brook told me he has been working on a blues worship number too.
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