Saturday, January 9, 2010

family string along

Christmas of 08, Kelsey got a little red guitar from Santa.  This year Katie got Yamaha Junior for Christmas.  Years ago I gave Gina my old Yamaha FG-180 acoustic under the condition that she learned to play it.  So now every one under our roof owns a guitar.

Last night after dinner, we all made our way downstairs for a family guitar lesson.  I taught them some basics along with introducing them to the chords they need to play the worship song 'Here I am to Worship' (Light of the World).  Katie has already been putting in a good bit of time practicing and her chords (D, A, Em, G) are sounding pretty clean already.  She's already working on smooth transitions between chords.

Gina had a good time, but still feeling a little sick.  Kelsey loved the lesson, learning her chord Em.  We are going to continue having family guitar time together.  We had a lot of fun and is encouraging to have my girls excited to learn to play guitar.
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