Sunday, November 30, 2008

back to the grind

I just finished my last chore of the Thanksgiving holiday. I just MacGyvered the toilet in the master bedroom. The parts I kept buying for the thing never worked. The toilet chain would always seem to lasso the tank ball and the toilet would run on and on until somebody (usually me) would jiggle the thing. While in the garage this evening I was looking for something that would act as a sheath for the chain..then MACGYVER! My eyes settled on an old ball point stick pen. Maybe now I can keep the lid on that tank for a change.

Maybe I can clean out the gutters come Christmas holidays - rake some leaves too. I am not as brave on roof tops since I nearly fell off it about five years ago. My foot went through where some wood had rotted around where the first Dish Network guy installed my first dish. I don't know how I stayed atop the eave. I was very close to it when my foot went in. I fell sideways - and nervous about gutter cleaning ever since. Yes, I put it off. Not only from nervousness but wanted most of the leaves to leave the trees. I am going to wait to do the deed when another grown up is around to cover the body with a tarp.

I am ready for school to get back in session. I've had my break. I got stuff done at home and office - I got to be with family - many hours down by the fire. I am ready to get this first semester over with - get the finals in my rear view mirror. December is next. So many shopping days till Christmas. First semester clinics are over with and I've got some of my home time back. Let's get this thing over with.

I went to church today - because Katie wanted to go. I don't go as often as I should. Strange thing happened today - during ministry time Jim asked if anyone needed prayer. I needed ministry today - but I didn't ask for it. Past experiences reminded me that as much as I love that fellowship - it's not a safe place. I remember it was during a time when assurance was constantly being doled out on a weekly basis that the fellowship was a "safe place" - that was during the time when I caught friendly fire. I can't pick on my church too much - every fellowship probably does the same. I couldn't step out this morning - instead I prayed over others. Strange how old wounds can keep a head down for years. I need healing in this area as well - maybe a little more distance from that past experience. This church on the most part has been a little safer than most of the churches of my past.

Todays prayer incident reminds me of something that happened to me several decades ago while I was working for Chick-fil-a. I was asked by the manager if I'd help unload a truck one Saturday morning. I took the hand-truck and climbed up into the side entrance of a tractor-trailer. I was greeted by a nice fellow, a black man, who was the driver. He was pulling boxes and pushing our cargo to the doorway for me to haul inside. By the time I got back to retrieve my second load - there was a little cowboy on the sidewalk shooting a cap pistol. He wasn't shooting constantly - just random like. I climbed back in the box and the driver was sweating and fidgety. I asked him what was wrong - if he needed a break. He said "it was that damn cap gun" - he said he was a Vietnam veteran and that cap gun had him on edge. He said that the cap gun sounded exactly like a bullet zipping by the ear during fire-fights. Poor guy - sure enough - every time that kid pulled the trigger - he was sending that guy instant messages of near death from a jungle war a long time ago. Sure enough - the cap went of and the poor fellow would wince each time that pop went off. May God bless that fellow where ever he is today - healed and and with plenty of distance from that war and the wounds inflicted on his heart and mind. God bless him and muffle his ears.

We were years from that war, and on the other side of the globe. We were in a safe place - safer than most churches. As the saying goes, "only Christians kill their wounded". It's a good thing that I was leaning on the arms of Jesus rather than the church at that time. I thought that **** was behind me until that cap gun went off today. I couldn't raise my hand - I flinched and kept low. My mind said, "It's not safe here." Don't give them any ammo to spread around - they'll shoot you in the back with it. Isn't that sad? I need The Body - I know I need The Body - but I ducked nevertheless. I need my brothers - I need my sisters. I need two or more to give me cover - to watch my back during enemy attack. I guess it will take some time for that wound to heal. To this day, when some joker uses the term "safe place", - like a bullet passing my ear - I wince.

A few years back I was looking for another church. Funny thing is, "safe place" was a catch-phrase that was being used rather freely among every fellowship I visited. I ended back at Vineyard - they are no better or worse - at least I have a better understanding of the terrain there. For now, I will stay in the familiar jungle - until I am sent elsewhere.

I am glad God gave this David a cave back then. Glad He gave me a few male comrades that I knew were trustworthy - thanks Jose' - thanks Jason, thanks Jerry. Thank you Jesus! Through that experience - as in experiences in the past with organized religion - God has never left me alone. God was always real - always there - giving me grace and hope - often outside of the norm. I didn't need the judgement from others - God wasn't lording my failures over me - I found grace in Him- I found hope and sanity because of His immediate presence and guidance amid that terrible valley. The judgement from others should not have mattered- I am not their slave after all. I was nevertheless wounded - which is ultimately my fault - that I allowed it cut me - cut as deep as it did. All I had to do at the time was wait on Him - and heed what He was instructing me to do during that painful process of learning and growing.

The good news is that God had been redeeming that experience even while it was transpiring, Yet I realized today that I have a scar from it still. I need healing - maybe more time - His healing touch. Hopefully - I have learned from this - that I have had my Matrix moment - that I can navigate through the bullets - even the friendly fire -without allowing them to hit the mark.

On a more positive note.

After the service today, I was asked to join in the worship leader's meeting. It was a good meeting - God is plugging every one into His work in the community. We need to have our ears wide open - eyeballs click opportunities He lines up for us. He's calling us to take Worship out side the walls. It's been on my heart for at least three years now. I know that it's not just a Vineyard thing - but a Body thing. I can't wait till school is over and I can get out on the streets and play about His love, worship Him, be free, laugh in between. All we can do is be ready - prepare our hearts - fast & pray - fill our lamps with oil and burn our lamps - shine for His glory. All we can be are vessels. It was a good gathering today.

I know, I guess I need more time to heal up. I need to attend to what is immediately in front of me - and just be ready for what ever may come next.

God on you.

"First thing is, that target wasn't shooting back at you. Second, most men at that last second will flinch; I won't." - John Wayne The Shootist.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

NBC Yanks SNL Skit that Linked Democrats to Mortgage Crisis

I saw this when it aired on the week after the bailout - NBC aired it again tonight. They've pulled the entire video from YouTube. I am amazed SNL took this approach aimed against the Dems.

Friday, November 28, 2008

the next day

Gina left early this morning to do the Christmas shopping thing. I mean very early. I asked her later in the day if she got any good deals because of it. She said no. She did however feel very confident that she got most of the kids Christmas under her belt.

My Speed Queen washing machine flooded my basement this week. Not bad mind you - just an annoyance. I took the machine back to Cooper A-1, which is where I bought it a few years ago. The Speed Queen was a refurb that I got at a good price two years ago. I was thinking about trading it in for another machine but all they had were Kenmore brand. I don't mind Kenmore - but I really liked that commercial grade SQ. I ended up leaving the machine with them to fix - seeing how it would cost about the same to fix (maybe less) than it would to purchase a Kenmore refurb. The Speed Queen has a big basin and not a lick of trouble until a few days ago. I'm opting to have it repaired. It might need new seals, a pump, or both. We'll see.
I let the Speed Queen dryer go about six months ago. I opted to buy a refurb Maytag. I did right on that choice. The Maytag seems to be a better machine. If anyone out there needs to purchase appliances - I recommend Cooper A-1 in Attalla. It's been a long time since I've purchased a new appliance. I've had better luck with buying older refurbs that something brand new. Do you remember the day when you bought an appliance that lasted decades? I do. It's just not that way anymore.

While out, I took Katie and Kelsey out to eat and then over to the office to get some work done that I've been needed to get done. Tonight I'm going to take a few online tests. It's been a productive day. It's been a good week.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

good dey - eh?

Great day. I got up and started prepping the green bean dish that folks ask me to make each year. It's nothing really special - but it seems to compliment the mail course. We then packed up the cars and headed over to Glencoe for the Hale side of Thanksgiving. I love those people. I didn't just marry a good woman - I married into a good family. I look back on my courtship with Gina - and that family immediately took me in - loved me - and treated me like one of their own. Not many families do that to new-comers.

We then headed over to my brother's house where family awaited. There were some family members that couldn't make it - and it seemed a little strange not having Robby and Irene around. They drove out to spend Thanksgiving with Robert and Carrie. Robert is still hitched to the USMC - looking forward to getting out next year. It's a good outfit - but like any man's army - you are not your own when you are in uniform.

Many brought their instruments today. We all shared songs and played along with each other. It's always a very special time for me - some real good sounds - and nice moments together. The food was great - I've never tasted such fine turkey bird. They really know how to cook their poultry. I kid you not. I didn't eat a lot today - I don't know why. It seems that I got full kind of fast and only nibbled here and there through out the day. I haven't been feeling well.

Stuff has been going on with me recently. I've had leg problems. Gina says that it might be because I've been going around shoeless during the holidays - my middle aged body isn't used to going around without being shod for long periods of time. I don't know if that's the case. I've been shod when working out in the garage or going out to chop or retrieve firewood.

Yesterday (Wednesday) while trying to read a can label without glances - squinted - and something happened to my right eye. Half of it is read. I think I popped a vessel or something. I am going to see if I can get my eyes checked tomorrow - if anyone is open that day. My eyeball - and the area surrounding it felt bruised for the good part of the night - hurt to use it - hurt to be in the light. By Thanksgiving morning - the hurt and bruised feeling was gone. I did though feel kind of beat for the first part of the day. I don't know why. There's some other stuff going on that I won't bore you - I'd appreciate the prayer - two or more kind (more the merrier) of healing prayer - pray for healing from head to toe.

Other than being a little broke-down - I have been doing all right. I haven't been around Gina that much this week, but have enjoyed being with Katie and Kelsey. I have put off taking a few on-line A&P tests before Monday rolls around. I need to give that some attention tomorrow. I am going to try to take both test tomorrow night. It's best that I do them while before finals - without the added pressure.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i needed it

I've been enjoying this off time - I really needed it. I've had the fire going downstairs since Sunday morning- letting it die down today so I can clear out the ashes and start again. Split wood yesterday, fixed a toilet - tried to fix the garage door (couldn't). It hasn't been a busy week - but nice to get to things that have needed attention.

It's great spending so much time with Katie and Kelsey. They've been helping me along the way. We just got back from the Southside High School track. We walked a lap together and then went by Taco Bell for lunch. I am really enjoying actually having time with them. Gina's getting off work a little early today. She's going to take Katie to a matinee. Katie doesn't know about it - thought we'd surprise her. I'll spend time with Kelsey while they are off.

I'm going upstairs in a few minutes to make pumpkin pies for the family Thanksgiving get-togethers. Both sides of the family are getting together at the same time this year - don't know how I'm going to be two places at once. I sure wish NASA and hurry up and figure out that transporter thingamajig. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving with family.

Monday, November 24, 2008

can't find my way home


two guitar sultans

Two of my all time favorite guitarists - both sultans. I went to hear Eric a while back - what stood out was his love for music. After all these decades on stage - the man is passionate about music. From what I've seen of Mark - the two share the same love. It's great hearing them on stage together - there talents seem to seamlessly come together.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

vw outing

I ran across this VW ad on YouTube this evening. I instantly recognized the music bed as that of Ennio Morreconi (Spaghetti Western fame).

I had a little time today and took Katie out for a spin in my bug. I haven't enjoyed a car as much since my old Renault LeCar "Black Beauty". We drove from Southside up Noccalula Mountain to pay Dan and Florrie Noojin a visit. Spending a little time at their place reminded me of all the countless Sunday evenings I'd hang out with them back in the eighties.

It really is something how I don't see much of my family. Some how I thought that when Gina and I moved back to Alabama from Kentucky (12 years ago), we'd see family more...not so.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

made it!

I made it through my clinic. I had 45 hours to complete before the end of the semester. I finished up my last day today. I had two people back out - but Gina came to the rescue and let me give her a two hour massage to finish the last six hours needed. I am so very tired and sore. I didn't know how sore I was until driving home tonight. Every muscle in my body hurts - my feet are killing me.

On the way home - I drove by Tommy Puckett's house for his 50th surprise party. It was a good time. I was on - fueled on vapors. The house was crowded and loud. The food was delicious. Gina and the girls were there - Katie got sick - and Gina slipped out before I did. Tommy's life is full. I am very happy for him. He is a good man - he is Godly man.

I made it home and wish that I had a big tub to soak in. I don't. I have a fifty year old but doesn't allow me the kind of soaking I wish I could do. Remember when you were a kid and you could sit in a bathtub and have plenty of room for all your toys? I had a lot of toys when I was a kid. I could fill up a bathtub with lots of toys and still have room to soak. Boy - I need a big bath tub tonight. I am really hurting. I guess a Tylenol PM will have to suffice.

I don't know if I am going to make it to church tomorrow. Tomorrow is the only free day that we as a family will be able to put the Christmas tree up. I know it's too early - but I listened to Gina yesterday describe her calendar - and we've got to do the tree thing tomorrow. I don't mean to be a humbug - but it's going to be one of those things that I'm going to paint a smile on and just do it - for the kid's sake.

Gina and I made time to have a little date night last night. We went and saw the new 007 movie - Quantum of Solace. I like Daniel Craig as James Bond. I saw him years ago for the first time in a violent flick called Layer Cake. Daniel Craig reminds me of Steve McQueen. Seriously. Daniel has a lot of McQueen's qualities, has the same kind of rugged coolness and camera presence than that of Steve. Daniel adds a gritty feel to the James Bond franchise. In Quantum - he sports a tux but bloodies it quickly. By the end of the movie he's dirty and cut up like he's been in combat. I like this Bond.

Friday was a breeze. I needed the breeze. I got to see my kids a little - take my girl friend on a date - hold her hand and sneak a kiss here and there. I love her like I did years ago - even more. I love her - I am blessed to live beneath a roof filled with all this love - these halls filled with sounds of my little girls laughter, giggling, little feet running. I am blessed.

So tomorrow we direct our attention to the boxes beneath the stairs. All those boxes filled with ornaments, bells, holiday dishes, and Santas of different sizes. I am tired - I'd rather nap - but it's for the children. God bless you all - may you have a very special holiday season with family and friends.

Friday, November 21, 2008

sky angel cowboy

A twelve year old boy, Logan, calls in to a local Christian radio station.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

PSA - digital conversion

Are you ready for the digital transition?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

wednesday's gone

I studied most of the day for the Kinesiology test. I made a 91 - with a good chance of adding 5 points to it if I answered a homework question correctly. I think I did. I like extra points when given the opportunity.

Tomorrow is clinic. 4 clients - 4 massages - 4 cigars.

Good to have family back - even if I haven't seen much of them. It's good though that they are in closer orbit to my lone existence. Tomorrow Gina will be at the clinic or off bidding on a new place. She might get it - she might not. I'll let her do the bidding - while I rest for clinic. Friday I should be with her at work. I've got a lot of catch up to do there. Maybe we can go on a date in the evening. Gina's a fun girl to be with - that's one reason I married her. She likes it when I make her laugh and I try to do so every chance I get.

Saturday will be another massage-a-thon with little break in between. Come on holidays. I am counting the moments until I can give it a rest - not think about it for a bit. Let my life change gears and see the familiar faces around the Thanksgiving table. All those faces and conversations going on at the same time.

I picked up the guitar earlier in the day and played an old song that I wrote a few decades ago - a song that got buried beneath so many scraps of tabs and orphaned lyrics. The song is called Dead Man's Dilemma. I wrote it with Warren Zevon in mind - it's a fun kind of hell, fire, and brimstone song. Do you remember those fear of hell movies that you'd be shown at a Baptist lock-in? You know - The Screaming Hell? Well, this song is about a guy waking up dead and the angel of death ending up on his porch - looking through the peek-hole and ringing the door bell. Kind of gruesome - but I think it's the kind of song ol' Warren would have written if he was a born again Baptist. I know it didn't happen in his life - but that's kind of the idea behind it. I had a lot of fun putting it together way back then. I made a few minor changes to the lyrics this afternoon and think it's pretty darn good. I am surprised I didn't see it's worth way back when I originally penned it. Remind me to play it for you sometime.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

holidays in my headlights

Thanksgiving holiday is next week. I don't have to go to school next week. Hurray! You might not notice it - but I've been in a mood since last night. The instructor decided not to give anyone in the class an A for some silly reason. Something to the effect that we don't need to have high expectations for an A when it comes to next semester's case study. Irrational rationale - higher learning my ***. I am ready for the week away from that place.

I've got a test tomorrow night. I've got until then to cram. I hate memorization. The Kinesiology teacher is cool - and I like my classmates. I hate memorization. There is a definite difference between memorization and learning. I realize I have a tendency to go blank on a test when I've tried to memorize stuff. I know that learning all the muscles will come in time. For now I have to get the info in my head long enough to do a decent job on each test as they come (now weekly).

Thursday and Saturday I have Clinic. I've acquired much of my clinic hours. I don't get credit for anything over the required 45 hours. At present I don't want to work any more than the course requires. I want to be home with family instead. I really need next week off. I am hoping that the holiday time will take the edge off. I am burning out I tell you. That case study was my last straw.

Home for the holidays!

I look forward to being around Gina, Katie, and Kelsey more than thirty minutes at a time. I look forward to going on a date with Gina. I look forward to Thanksgiving Day at Brook & Jennifer's home. The past few years we've enjoyed gathers of good food and a big family jam sessions. I never have enough time to catch up with every one's lives. We'll all touch base and look forward to the next big gathering come Christmas. Usually the Finlayson Family Christmas gathering is held here at our home but I can't prep the house and do what I usually do due to school. Gina said that she didn't want me working and prepping on what limited time I have off.

The holidays are fast approaching. I look forward to seeing family.

Monday, November 17, 2008

interesting morning

I had a bug doctor recommended to me this weekend. I drove out to Glencoe to see if a fellow named Eddie Floyd @ Floyd VW could help me fix my broken seat in the Super Beetle. I was fortunate that he took it right in and wrestled the bolt into place. Not only did he fix the bolt - but he tightened all the other seat bolts, and fixed my trunk latch so I don't need the bungie any more. I haven't been driving the car as much these past few weeks because of the bolt problem.

Eddie was a really interesting fellow to talk to. Not only does he work on VW's, Porches, and Mercedes, but he designs swords as well. He's designed all the swords in the Kull the Conqueror (1997 Kevin Sorbo movie). He's got a site featuring his work as well as his swordplay classes. He's done reproduction and restoration work for museums, Yes, he's teaching a class locally. He is very passionate about his craft and teaches the historic aspect to this mode of combat. How cool is that? You can find out more about Eddie Floyd at

It's amazing what a little paint will do. I popped the hub caps on this morning before taking and that black paint on the wheels really did make a difference on the over all look of the car. I was just trying to cover over the rust - but wow. I am waiting on the dash cover. The dash I am covering has three unsightly splits. The cover will give the bug a much needed (and inexpensive) look. I am still looking out for some rubber matting for the rear compartment area. I've had some fun working on the bug this weekend. The school week has started and I will take my hands of the tricking out the bug so I can get back to studying.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

my weekend

Saturday morning was busy. I loaded the Caravan for the girls Gatlingburg venture. I then made my way to GSCC for massage clinic. I had a very fast and busy day - 6 massages with a few minutes of break in between. Though we have 30 minutes between each massage - much of that time is taken up with cleaning up our area, finishing up client S.O.A.P notes, as well as pulling the next clients documentation. We all closed up after clean up a little after 6:00pm. I had not eaten all day and so that's what I was going to do. I changed out of my uniform at the office and called to see where Gina was in her day. Poor girls, the traffic was so bad going through Chattanooga that it took them 10 hours to get to the chalet. They were just pulling into the drive-way when I got there. Though the trip took forever, Gina said they were all in good spirits - Katie and Kelsey took the long trek in stride. They were all happy to get there and were all marveling how big and nice the place was. We ended our conversation during their walk-through.

I opted not to go to the movie last night. I ended up going to Blockbuster instead. I came home to find my order from J.C. Whitney in. I pulled the VW in and tried my hand at putting in a new interior light and horn - but I quit before I made a mess of things. I wish that I were more handy with cars. I haven't been driving the car as much because of the broken seat. Silly me - I can't seem to get a bolt back in place. Still just as frustrating as it was the other day. I decided to sand and paint over the rust on the wheels. I've had some black paint on the shelf that I was wanting to use. I went out around noon, while it was warmer outside, and did the job. It looks so good that I was tempted not to put the hub caps back on. I will - as soon as the paint dries good. I also put some visors on the headlamps. The car looks different now. I like this new look. I don't know what Mrs. Hale will say about The Yellow Betty. I think she will like what I'm doing to it. I've got a new dash cover on order. The cover is to be glued over the old cracked one. I normally don't pay that much attention to an automobile - but this little car is special. I want my mom in-law to know that I am caring for her little pride-n-joy by not only keeping it going - but fix it up the best I can. Gina told me weeks ago that the little car has a new life with us. It's odd to think that this little car has been in Gina's life since she was ten years old - that her mom let her drive herself to school in it at the the age of thirteen!!!

After painting the wheels, I loaded my old Nishiki Mountain bike into the van and hauled it up to my sister Irene's house. I had offered my nephew Wes a job of trying to bring it back to life. Being in storage for 10 years hasn't been good for it. I used to ride that bike everywhere back in the late eighties. When Gina got married - I bought her a bike and we have many fond memories of cycling, picnics, and tennis outings with our mountain bikes. It will be nice to have the bike again. I will be riding it once I'm out of school and back to running documents to and from physician's offices.

I drove Irene down to the 4:00p.m. service to here Todd Bagley. I then drove over to wish Denise Rodriguez a happy birthday. I sat down with Jose' and Denise for a while. I don't get to visit often. Jose' had given Denise a 35mm Pentax camera with a zoom lens. I love old school stuff. Though digital cameras may be more convenient - there is nothing like shooting with a 35mm. After leaving - I came back home and threw some more wood on the embers. The house is cold. I haven't bothered to keep the heater going here. I've decided to just keep the downstairs fireplace working until the girls come back.

I have a test tomorrow night in Lab - as well as a case study presentation. Tuesday in A&P - I will have to make sure that I have read the chapter before hand. Wednesday is another Kinesiology test. I am not prepared for either night - but what I had left of the weekend after Clinic - I wanted for myself. It was good to do a little clean up in the garage, run errands, do VW stuff, and see friends. I also enjoyed sleeping late today. I will study tomorrow - but I plan on sleeping late again tomorrow as well.

Friday, November 14, 2008

cross stomping

Here's the cross being torn from the hands of that 69 year old woman. Don't forget to notice how angry and hateful she was....notice how mean-spirited she was...notice get the point.

prop 8 incident

Jose' mentioned this video to me tonight while at Kelsey's party. I then came home to find it among my email. This display is worth watching.

Here's a sweet little old lady not being allowed to express her personal opinion regarding same sex marriage. Gays at the rally were in her face - took away the cross she was holding - stomped on it and spit on her (It might be time to get out of Sodom lady). Just listen to the male news commentator mention at the end of the piece, "that there was a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides..." Will someone please explain to me where that sweet little old lady was exhibiting anger and hate toward that unruly and hateful mob.

Liberals quite frankly like to point their fingers at others - but they are the most intolerant people I know. Compassionate only to those they choose to have compassion toward. Free speech only for liberals. Geesh!

happy birthday kelsey

I can't believe that Kelsey is turning 6 today - in a wink of an eye. She's a brilliant little creature who loves to sing and draw. I know that she will grow up and out-shine any song or graphic I've ever created. She is a little wonder. She's also very imaginative. She can play by herself for hours - her imagination running wild. She plays with every toy that she owns - cars, trains, dolls, stuffed animals - everything. But give her a piece of paper, a stapler and a roll of tape - and she's the happiest. I love her.

Gina and I have been so busy with work and school that we simply don't have time to do a party right. Tonight we are going to do the McDonald's thing. Kelsey like any kid, loves McDonalds, as well as the big indoor play area - the thing that looks like a big gerbil cage. I'm picking up a sheet cake from Walmart after I pick up the girls today. I don't know how many kids are showing up because Gina said only one parent RSVP'd. We'll give her a good time what ever.

I've got clinic all day tomorrow. Gina and the girls have been offered a free stay up in Gatlinburg. Gina hasn't had much of a break this year with work. We didn't get a vacation - so it's nice that she's going to get away for a bit. Her patient load has dropped which will allow her some time to enjoy some free time with the girls. She's going to keep Katie and Kelsey out of school Monday and Tuesday. The extra few days should give them some time to enjoy the chalet.

I've been waiting on a few parts for my SuperBeetle. I hope they come in so I can install them. I am having a problem with the driver's seat that I can't seem to fix. A bolt fell out of one side and I can't get it back in. This particular bolt keeps the medial side of the seat-back attached to the seat-bottom. It keeps slipping off while I'm driving and is quite uncomfortable. My VW mechanic recently broke his foot and won't be back in his shop for a while. It is frustrating to have the bolt in hand - and see the bolt hole in the seat-bottom and not be able to get in re-attached.

I had clinic last night (Thursday) from 4 - 10. I enjoy giving massages. I had no idea going into the program that I would enjoy massage as much as I do - it was after all a business decision going in. Massage is a very rewarding experience for me. Misty, one of my clinic instructors, mentioned that we've reached our half way mark for this semester's clinic. We have to acquire so much hands-on clinic time before semester's end. We'll be off for Thanksgiving and finish up by Christmas. I look forward to the two week break between semesters. I am tired of not seeing my family. I am tired of constantly having a test to study for on the horizon. All is necessary I know - but I am tired of it nevertheless. I am a husband and father and naturally - I miss my family. I will not see them this weekend when I get out of clinic Saturday - but I know that they will be having a great time together. Lord give them traveling mercy - keep the van running - and keep them safe. Let them have a good time and ease Gina's back pain so she can enjoy her time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

let's hear it for public education

The little girl getting berated by her teacher is a daughter of a soldier serving in Iraq.


i've had to stir up the embers
upon my return
to keep the fire going
to keep the room warm
i've had to give the fire attendance
before time takes hold
stir the embers once again
when i wake
bellow the faint red glow
until there is fire again
wake it from it's sleep
remove the ashes
bring in more dry wood
to feed the new flames
risen from the ashes
such is my life
if you didn't come to me like you do
and stir me

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

kinesiology test tonight

I did not do well on last weeks test. I am hoping to do better tonight. I'm downstairs today going over notes for tonight's test. We have been told that we've got a Kinesiology test every week for the rest of the semester. We've got to learn muscles-muscles-muscles. I am good at learning - but not memorizing. This is a time to memorize stuff - not learn - memorize.

I had a great day yesterday. I got the yard mowed down at the office. I gave Kelsey a ride on the mower and she was beside herself. I turned the blades off and let her steer for a few minutes. I couldn't see her face but she couldn't stop squealing with delight. Gina said that her mouth was wide open and she was simply beside herself. I held onto her and the seat beneath me as she turned tight doughnuts in the yard.

After mowing the yard I drove the girls homeward. I stopped by SONICS without telling Katie and Kelsey. We had a chocolate malt as we sat outside. Kelsey was too excited to drink her shake. Katie and I talked as Kelsey ran around in the grass. We then went home and I built a fire in the fireplace down stairs. I kept the fire going through out the night and slept on the couch by it. I've still got the fire going. I'm going to use my fireplace a lot this Winter. I've got tons of wood outside that's seasoned for burning. It sounds and smells so good.

I've got to study. Keep me in your prayers tonight.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

1 John 4:19

I spent most of Saturday at Gadsden State Communtiy College in clinic doing massages from 8-5. It was a long hard day but very rewarding. Sometimes I think I enjoy giving the massage just as much as the one recieving it. Gina came over and I gave her an hour long foot massage. When my last client of the day didn't show - I got to give Gina a table massage too. Need I mention that Gina had a great time at GSCC Saturday. Her lower back had been bothering her so I spent the whole time working on her back.

I am enjoying doing massage. I was getting weary of the classes these past two weeks because of all the demands of school - as well as the head-lice problem we had with the girls. We got the infestation under control. It was very difficult studying for school and fighting the attack on the home front. No one notified us that there's been an epidemic these past few months. The pharmacist just said, "Oh yeah - there's been a big problem lately". Now that we've got it under the control - I can get back to studying. Nice to have some family time before another week gets under way.

This weekend was okay. I finished a new worship song on Friday and got to play it with Bruce's team this Sunday morning. Bruce, Brook, Jimmy, and Pickle were with me on the team. The song is entitled I DO EVERY DAY. It's a song that I probably started well over ten years ago and filed it away. I ran across it a few weeks ago and the melody came back to me as I read what lyrics I had jotted down. It was during that time that Kelsey (turning 6 this week) approached me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I asked her why she loved me - and she said "because you loved me first Daddy." As Linus Van Pelt once said, "The theological implications alone are astounding." As I picked the song back up after all those years - I used that moment to direct the meaning of the song. I made time before today to finally polish the song. I played it this morning not sure that I was going to really lead something that was still a little unfamiliar. Everything came together nicely.

I haven't been playing lately because of the demands of school. This week I needed a break from thinking of class all the time. It's why I accepted the invitation to play. As much as I love being on worship teams - they take everything thing from me. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel coming home after church. I nearly kept nodding off. I fell asleep on the downstairs couch for the rest of the afternoon. It is amazing to me how leading worship takes it out of me. Every ounce of energy in my being is poured out in such a short time. I can work all day doing massages (very demanding) and can't get as beat as leading worship. I wouldn't have it any other way. Leading worship is the one thing that is heaven on earth - if not for a moment. Worship is what we were created to do - I look forward to worshipping all the time - and never tire from it.

i love you 'cause you first loved me
i love you 'cause you reached down to me
through the years - through my unbelief
i found you 'cause you first found me
i love you 'cause you first loved me

Friday, November 7, 2008


The Republican Party is messed up folks. Sarah Palin was the only good thing going for them. Palin is the primary reason I voted for McCain. Middle of the road maverick McCain just too luke-warm and cuddly with the Democrats throughout the Bush administration - knifing W any chance he got. He was the media sweetheart for doing so - crossing the isles on too many occasions for my liking. We need a real maverick people. We need a real conservative - someone who do some kicking and bucking for conservative ideals. We need someone like Palin - someone who doesn't care what the media says or to be bipartisan. We need a partisan for our cause!
Now I've heard of people being thrown under the bus during a campaign - but afterwards? They didn't just throw her under - they had to back over her. I guess the McCain bunch, along with the rest of the Republican Party have to blame somebody for their incompetency. Maybe they should look at themselves in the rear view mirror. They've left conservatism in the dust. By the way, they really need to fix that broken right turn signal.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

manifest obama

Notice the music being played behind this video for Obama. Last week my niece Sarah mentioned that she thought Obama was creepy. That's a good description for the unknown president elect.

Just remember that you are a sancturary of a sacred vision...

BTW - Jesus is Lord

brokaw and rose cover their tail

Take the time to watch this. These are major media guys admitting that they didn't do their job. They've praised Obama but admit they didn't even know who he is or what he believes. This YouTube Video is right - journalism is dead. But we knew this all along.

a thought to ponder

i am not saying that obama is the antichrist
but when the antichrist does come
he will arrive in the same way
obama did

-df :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

simply put

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."
- President John F. Kennedy

A statement like that sure doesn't sound like something a democrat today would say. It would in fact sound more like "Ask not what you can do for your country - but what your country can do for you." We are in a day where the populace wants to suckle from a red, white, and blue sow teat. Where are the individuals that this country should be composed of? Not victims - not wards of the state - but where are the kind of individuals in pursuit of their own life, liberty, and happiness?

Simply put - socialism isn't the brighter road to life, liberty, and happiness. If this nation turns that sharp left - further burdening those who try to make their own way, and to grow to a place of employing others - over taxing will cause businesses to fail and jobs to diminish. There is no such thing as taxing a nation into prosperity. We'll just go deeper into the abyss. If you want a nation to prosper - have Uncle Sam take his hands out of the back pocket and allow people to have more of their capital to grow their business. Heck, even JFK knew that tidbit. Shouldn't this be common sense?

If you let business owners keep more of their earned money money - that is how we might increase the wealth of our nation as a whole. You can not look through a "have and have not lens". You can not spread wealth by confiscating an other man's hard earned money. Let the man with the ten talents increase his talents. The man with little talent doesn't do anything with his - nor does he even pay taxes. Let the man who can prosper - prosper. This might not seem fair to the touchy-feely democrat - but it's sound business concept and Biblical at that.

But liberals call that kind of thinking greedy. Greed is the big sin in the liberals bible - capitalism = evil. But liberals cast stones at those they percieve as greedy - that it's okay to COVET and take what is not theirs. Ask HOW MUCH your country can do for you! That should be their new motto. The money will come from somewhere and it will come from those that earned what they make in this life. The money is taken and given to those that haven't earned it. These people nevertheless strongly feel entitled and - in fact - their right to demand it. Where is the common sense?

There's just a multitude of hands out reaching to a little messiah that offers a generous quantity of vague hope and big secound helping of ambiguous change. Let us hate those that have made something of themselves, and rob from his house, so as to divide among the masses. Let us ransack their dreams so that we can inforce our nightmare. Spread the wealth - all in the name of goodwill to all. That sounds like Utopian kind of civilization. NOT! Again, when in the course of history did socialism ever work? NEVER! Yet there will always be those that believe that the great socialist experiment never has been done right by previous civilzations. It's their job to push a nation deeper into despair - with hopes that this time - the experiment will work.

Why does socialism not work? Because there is only so much resource. How much can you keep raising taxes on a minority of productive individuals and businesses before there is simply nothing left to tax? How much can you take from the few to support the many? Liberals like to make big business the bad guy - but BIG GOVERNMENT are the ones to watch. Big government are the real wolves. True, government is a necessity, but it needs to be kept accountable, small, and at bay.

Take the recent financial crisis. The democrats caused the current calamity - yet blamed Wall Street as the prime culprit. Yes the little savior himself, Obama, is a big part of the disaster. He's one of them that started the fire and yet he's the man promising to put the fire out. Change? That sounds like the same old same old. Our nation has been flung head long into this mess because democrats wanted to do a little social engineering experiment. I repeat - socialism never works.

Ronald Reagan was right - government isn't the solution - government is the problem. We'll - get ready folks - we've got more problems heading our way. More sure fire social experimentation to come. In the mean while - don't change that dial.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"The body of the American people is substantially republican. But their virtuous feelings have been played upon by some fact with more fiction, they have been the dupes of artful manoeuvres, & made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves." -Thomas Jefferson

I was watching a missed show on my DVR tonight. When the show - I figured I'd switch over to see how the election was going. Here we are, Democrats in both houses and a marxist/socialist heading to the White House. I remember when Clinton went in the first time. Liberals with all that power kind of went crazy those first few years. We the people got kind of scared and Bill lost both Congress and House of Reps because of all the change he and the rest of Washington started inflicting on her citizens. There was that next election that the people decided to give the GOP both the House & Congress while Bill was at the helm.

Obama has promised change. As a business owner who already pays quite a painful bit in taxes - I guess I can look forward to even more bleeding. Gina and I will just have to see if our business can take the hits from Uncle Sam. Having Obama as President will mean liberal Supreme Court justices don the robes for life. Everyone can go ahead and get used to the idea of Chief Justice Hillary Clinton. Hillary I am sure will finally get her socialized medicine enacted. The maverick John McCain I am sure will see his amnesty for illegals passed. Perhaps we the people will be punished even more with black reparations. President Barack Hussein Obama will also turn the tide of the war on terror - by pulling the troops out and letting down our guard oversees - as well as on the home-front. I believe in a short amount of time - our nation will be open for another 911 - perhaps worse. Maybe George Washington's prophecy is on our next horizon. I can paint a pretty bleak picture - can't I?

Not all change is good after all

The past two elections have been pretty tight races and each time I was wondering if America was no longer "center right" but moving "center left". This election might have well proved that suspicion true. We'll just have to wait and see if she comes to her senses after those elite Democrats have free reign for a while. We'll just have to wait and see if a hard lesson can be learned from the up coming ordeal. We have a new generation head to the polls tonight - a whole new generation with no idea of what socialism can do to a nation. Let's see how long it can take them to wise up - wake up - grow up. What damage to our country will be done in the mean while. As Bette Davis once said, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night."
We are center left - and for how long?

I watched the outcome kind of disconnected tonight. I was hoping that the Republicans would pull through but not surprised by the Democrat victory. It's not the first time I've been disappointed by that Grand Old Party.

I am not fearful - but I do see harder times ahead. It's already hard paying the taxes we have to pay and still keep the doors open. We'll endeavor to succeed in spite of the move toward a change to yet a more demanding government. I drive to school tomorrow - continue with my dreams nevertheless. Gina will go back to the office tomorrow - continue with the immediate job at hand nevertheless. Our plans - our dreams will be more difficult to achieve - but we will push forward as will countless other citizens out there.

The definition of the American dream has changed - no longer about individuals life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Rather the American dream is to "spread wealth" - or as Rush Limbaugh calls it, "spread misery for all". The American dream has somehow become a very unpleasant dream - more and more.

It would be nice if we could have a country without all the promise of change. Change is all we have had these past forty some odd years. We've moved so far away from what we were once as a nation. We have changed and we pale in comparison to the nation of our fathers. Change has brought us here and oh how we could do without all those change promising politicians.

Enough politics - I am ready to go to bed and wake into a new day of hope. Hope? Yes, not the brittle hope of the politicians and fake messiahs - rather a real hope that I had long before this election. A hope that I do not put in man - but into my Heavenly Father. Into Jesus Christ - the true Messiah. There is our hope fellow citizens of glory. The more I move on in life - the more I grow weary of man's way - and man's answer. I hunger more and more for God's kingdom now and to come. I desire God's eternal rule. So as we pursue Him in the midst of a mixed up and sick world - be blessed tomorrow and seek His Kingdom. He is after all THE ONLY HOPE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

God bless all my family and friends.

i voted

I got down to the polls a little while ago. It's a pretty darn good turn out. Gina called me earlier this morning and said that the line was so long this morning that she had to wait in line for 45 minutes. I am not a big fan of McCain but I am jazzed about Sarah Palin. If all goes well today - We might have Sarah as Commander In Chief just down the road.

I haven't really been following the news lately. There's not a network or station that's not rooting for the little messiah. They lost their credibility a long time ago and frankly I am tired of listening to their liberal narrative. One question I've got - if CNN is "keeping them honest" - who the hell is keeping CNN honest. All we can do is go about and live our lives, keep our business a float in spite of heavy taxation. I voted today - despite the media coverage and skewed polling data. All we can do is vote - and drive back home to cling to our religion and guns.
I spent some time with family this past weekend. Not a lot - but enough to carry me through a while. I also got to have a quick dinner with my girls last night before heading over to Gadsden State Junior College. It was good getting and giving hugs and kisses as I left Subway. It's good to know that I am loved and missed like I love and miss them.

I drove to school last night and took a test - I made a B on it. We all spent the entire evening learning how to do mud wraps. You wouldn't believe the involvement and materials in that service. I've enjoyed these past two Lab nights (Monday nights) more than I have the rest. We are learning more spa related techniques - actual hands on applications. Last Monday night we learned to do foot massage. I want to do foot massage because you get to soak peoples feet - exfoliate - and rehydrate. To me - this is foot washing of Biblical proportions. Massage at times is laying on of hands. In my quiet prayers, as I massage over people's aching muscles - I know that God is heading me toward a ministry within my future practice. I don't know where this will lead - but I know that God is in it. I have other classmates that feel the same way. I look forward to seeing how this all unfolds.

Monday, November 3, 2008

four more years?

Time for a change if perchance the little messiah isn't elected this week. Canada awaits YOU!!!

artistic license to kill

Brook asked me yesterday at church if I still carried my Artistic License on me. I still have it, but haven't carried it on my person for quite some time. I have aged quite a bit since that original photo was taken - since I fabricated the license. Next chance I get, I'm going to recreate this license with a newer photo.

I had on several occasions actually presented my Artistic License to authorities from time to time. I clearly remember being pulled over in East Gadsden (Rainbow Drive) many years ago. It was night and the policeman had asked me to show him my license. Instead of pulling out my Driver's License - I handed him my Artistic License instead. He stood there silent for a while as he read the text on the illegitamate document. I started getting a little nervous because he stood there silently reviewing it in the light of his flashlight. He eventually looked up at me with a dead-pan-unfunny-police-kind-of-expression and then called for his partner to come up and have a look at the document. His partner came up and read it. They both looked at each other and smiled. My homemade license got me off scot-free from the sin of my moving violation.

Being an artist needs to pay off every once and a while.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

of war and hard luck

This excerpt is from the classic Twelve O'clock High movie starring Gregory Peck. This is one of the greatest war movies ever made - not because of any action sequence - or the glorification of war - but what is said about war and leadership in time of war. It's a very moving piece of work.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

our tax dollars at work

planned parenthood
liberal values
lots of dead infants
and our tax dollars at work
frankly - i am not numb regarding abortion
it still angers me about this country
what we do to our helpless children
the nation turns away
and subsidize mass murder
federally funded genocide
one nation under God
yeah - right

deals & treats

Deal: I like going to Dollar Tree. They sell USB cables there - that's right - a USB cable for a dollar. I also stock up on batteries there. The best deal is when they stock their 8 pack AA and AAA batteries. I always keep plenty of 9 volt batteries in my gig bag for when my stomp box dies. I always check out the books. Every now and then I run across a good book. This year I found a book of Saturday Night Live as well as Eli Wallach's autobiography. Both were good reads and ONLY A DOLLAR!

Treat: Every now and then I go to Walgreen's and buy a tall canister of kettle cooked peanuts. I've never had peanuts like this in my life. They are large nuts and are very crunch and most of all - tasty.

Treat: Winn Dixie sells a generic root beer that is the best I've ever had. It's called Draft Root Beer.

Deal: Gina and I have been stocking up on towels from Food World. I don't know how much longer the deal will go on but we collect stamps every time we shop there and last night I brought home a ton of towels. They ran the same deal last year and our towel closet is almost full of new towels. Heck why not? You have to buy groceries anyway - why not get towels too?

Treat: Firehouse subs has better subs than Subway and Quizno's put together. Just go there and order anything and anything is better than anything Subway or Quizno's has. I've already mentioned the M-5 from Pasghetti's.

Treat: I wouldn't recommend doing this on a daily basis because it's a lot of soft drink. Next time you are thirsty and a Kangaroo gas station is close by - pull in. Get the large soft drink in the plastic cup. Keep the cup and you can refill it for half price, .62 every time you come back.

Treat & Deal: Next time you are at the movies and ordered a large coke or popcorn - keep the cup and bag for your next outing. Premier Cinemas will let you get free refills. I kid you not. That's a treat and a deal all rolled into one.