Friday, April 25, 2008

happy birthday mother

Sunday is my mom's birthday. Don and Jennie are in town and all of the family will be meeting up at a local restaurant late Saturday afternoon for an extravaganza in her honor. I am looking forward to it.

The above photo was taken during Mom and Dad's honeymoon. I believe mom said that this picture was taken upon arrival at Cheraw, SC. Mom said that Dad drove her all over the place after they got married...huge-long road trip. Seems to me there would be more enjoyable things to do during a honeymoon than a state to state trip in a car without A/C. Oh well, what ever floats your boat.
It was a job at The Gadsden Times that brought Dad to town in the early fifties. He was a graduate of Mercer Law School and it was Frank Helderman, SR that hired the young legal eagle. Mother at the time worked as a receptionist for The Gadsden Times and Dad would pass her desk every day while heading to his office upstairs at the old Times building. The Gadsden Times in those days had a great deal of offices upstairs- dad's faced Broad Street. Anyway, Dad asked mom out one day and the rest is Finlayson history.
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