Tuesday, October 2, 2007

monday revisited

Dropped Katie off at school then came to the clinic and worked until time to pick Katie up from school. Now that we have two vehicles again I can take the girls home. Katie didn't need me for homework so I did a little laundry and started prepping a supper for us.

I made a great tasting pot roast with gravy. I also made biscuits and rice to spill the gravy over on. I also cooked down some green beans to go on the side. We had some left over cheese shell macaroni and so I nuked that for anyone interested. We turned out having a nice big meal last night.

I read Katie about a half a chapter of the Hobbit. Gina got home about 7:00ish and so I heated her up a plate. She woofed it down but opted out on a second helping of the gravy. She instead went the honey route as she finished of the biscuits. Gina likes desert and I rarely buy or make deserts. Usually honey or strawberry preserves on a remaining biscuit will satisfy her.

We have to eat out a good bit since we started the business. Home cooking is better but not always time for it. I've noticed the past few months how restaurant food is getting more expensive. I used to count on taking my kids to CiCi's to feed little tummies but no more. They've gone up on their prices. Last month I went to Ryan's and they went up. I spent just under 10.00 for their bar and that was having it with water only. I went to Shoney's recently and had their bar. I ordered a tea to go along with it and it cost me just under 12.00. Throw in a tip and I can't afford to eat lunch there anymore. Pruett's Barbeque drive-through went up drastically. Remember their dollar barbeques....no more. They've more then doubled their prices too! At least they seem to have added a little more meat on their buns for the price increase. Everywhere I go the prices have gone up. I've started keeping a folder in my car with coupons. If I have to eat out, I need to go to the places offering the coupons. We've been trying to keep sandwich fixin's at the office.
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