Friday, September 28, 2007

whats he got in his pocketses

Katie had to do some reading for school. She brought home The Hobbit this week. Last night I offered to read the chapter about riddles in the dark...when Bilbo finds the ring and meets Gollum. Tonight Bilbo caught up with Gandalf and the rest of the crew. They make their way from the frying pan into the fire...finding themselves up a tree surrounded by hundreds of grey wolves.

It was a very long time ago that I first went there and back again with Bilbo and the unexpected party. Tenth grade? It was a great tale, only to be followed by a greater story of rings, wizards, good and evil...and yes...more hobbits. I love reading the stories to new listeners. Years ago, right after Gina and I moved to Bowling Green, we would make hot tea and muffins each night. I would read to her in dialect by candlelight. She had never read The Hobbit and so I read to her instead of turning on the television.

About five years ago I read The Hobbit and Fellowship Of The Ring to a fifth/sixth grade class at Westbrook Christian School. At first the kids did not want to enjoy it but I read with a vast cast of voices...breathed life into the written words with great energy. It wasn't long until they fell into the spell of Tolkien's masterwork, following an old wizard, a hobbit and dwarfs into high adventure, deep into MiddleEarth. I lead the children with the confidence of Gandalf. They follow me into the unknown, taken captive, carried deep into the belly of mountains.

Katie sat on the bed tonight as I read at the foot. We've had two nights of adventure together. I look forward to reading more to her through out the next few weeks.
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