Wednesday, September 26, 2007

since last time

I haven't blogged much this week. I've been kind of busy but have taken the time to check out all of my friends sites on a daily basis. Here's what's happened since last time I blogged:

Friday: I played at The Coffee Vine Cafe' from 7-11 p.m. Gina stayed off the stage that night so she could catch up with an old childhood friend of hers. AJ came up and manned the Djembe' since Gina was distracted. It was nice having AJ with me. David Creel was there Friday night. I've known David C. since the early to mid 70's. His dad used to pastor Central United Methodist where my family were members. David was also an active part of Christian Brother's Association before he headed off to do missionary work on Saipan. He's on a long furlough and was great hooking up with him.

Saturday: I sang at The Coffee Vine Cafe' again. I was joined by Gina, AJ, Gabe, Sherry, Rachael on stage and had a great time worshipping together. We had such a great time that I asked each of them to help me lead worship Sunday morning. It was nice to be worshipping outside the church walls and God showing up. I look forward to more of this in the future.

Sunday: I was joined on stage by the previous night's worship team. Had a great time but my fingers were killing me. Worship was free and fun.

Monday: Gina and I finally got to pick up our van. It's been in and out of shops through out the Summer. The door is fixed and I don't have to use a bungee cord to keep it closed. Gina loves her old red van. It would be nice to sell it and get something newer but I think she wants to drive it more.

Tuesday: I work at the office till 2:15, until I go pick up Katie from Rainbow Middle. I've been taking the girls home after school now that we have two vehicles again. I think it's better for Katie to do her homework at home. It will be nice to have a little extra home-time during the week. I will be able to prep a dinner for the family as well as clean house through out the week.

Wednesday: I dropped Katie off at school and then dropped by The Coffee Vine' so Rachael could fix me a large Ooey-Gooey Coffee. It's a combination coffee, chocolate and maple concoction that is absolutely delicious. Later in the day, Jose' dropped by the office. Gina talked him into joining us for lunch. I hadn't seen Jose' in a month. I love Jose' and always great hanging around him.

I've got a lot of musician friends and would like to throw this out there. I have a friend who really wants to learn how to play guitar. Do any of you guitarist out there have an acoustic in the closet that you don't use and wouldn't mind passing it on to someone who would put it to good use? I'm just throwing it out there.

Also...This week I've been able to catch a few episodes of Ken Burn's THE WAR. If you recall, he's the guy that produced THE CIVIL WAR back in the late 80's. THE WAR tells what is was like up front and on the home front. I also enjoyed THE FAMILY GUY's hour long STAR WARS spoof that aired Sunday night.
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