Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh Lord

what will it take oh Lord

what will it take to open our hearts and minds

our nation has drifted far from you

far from your heart

far from your way

we are a divided people

separated from you

even if your judgement doesn't come

we walk briskly toward our own destruction

like a prodigal son

we have turned away from you

tossing away our birthright

our freedom

our inheritance

piece by piece

veering from your course

inch by inch

i still pray for this people

the only home and country i've ever known

expose us oh Lord

renew us oh God

that we see as a nation

that you are God

the one true God

that it is you and only you

that all blessing came

the great wing that has sheltered us since our beginning

the One who has nurtured us and covered us with grace

that we are not a nation simply born and sustained by chance

this freedom we have known for so long

provided solely from your hand oh Lord

is was you oh Lord

that set us upon a hill

blessed us with a goodness

that we have tainted

a truth

that we have turned from

deliver us oh Lord

we need your light

we need your fire

keep us safe

keep us strong

keep us one

surround us

keep our borders safe

dwell among us

let the enemy see you at our gate

and fear you

God of creation

God of all

keep our troops safe

give our troops victory

deliver us from our enemies

break their swords

crush their efforts

expose their hiding place

foil their plans

i pray for my little girls

keep our children safe

let them not be raised

beneath the darkness of terrorism's threat

let our children not live with this fear

do what it takes

do your will

break us oh Lord

let us become a nation

that stands with you

my heart is that all America see

that you are God

my heart is that our enemy see

that you are God

that darkness will lift

when we individually

and collectively

repent and turn to you

awaken our hearts

quicken our minds

to serve you

i do not want this nation to fall

but no matter

you are my God

you are my nation

if America falls

i will stand for you

but i plead for this country

as Lot plead for his hometown

i pray that the prodigal son returns home

returns to you
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