Saturday, September 8, 2007

last consequence

i found myself

alone among millions

tormented and forgotten

marked by my unforgiven sins

and never broken will

at the mercy of the merciless

into the deep

where the eternal language are screams

the beast torture man

upon the fiery shores

simply because we are each the bitter reminder

of the Creator

simply because we were made in the likeness of Him

and yet without His Spirit

we are each alone and isolated

nothing but pain

nothing but remorse

it only took the first moment there to realize

how all eternity will be spent

salvation will never come my way again

i refused Him all my life there

but now

i'm crying out to a God that will not have me

a Savior who will never come

weeping at the fiery edge

made in the image of God

knowing i will never die

or completely burn
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