Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the clan farquharson

when it comes to genealogy

we have so little

much of what we have to go on

is from the yellowing pages of family Bibles

if you can find one

i am curious about my grandfather

and his father

his father's father

i am curious about them all

i know my love reaches back further than i imagine

i know little about them

i know only what little was told to me about my dad's dad

he died before i was born

and i've only a few stories

a few glimpses back

i tell my children about their grandfather

i have only a few stories of his youth

a few glimpses through my eyes

my memories

the past becomes forgotten

all we have left are stories

names and dates etched in stone

i know they were much more than that

when they were here

when it was there time to be

so little is left now

when i die

what will be left here of me

just stories and a stone


that i hope will grow to know

love and worship their Heavenly Father

to make contact with the eternal things

while it's their time to be

when i am long gone

cold and bones


one day

i will move to a higher hill

a greater perspective

see my path

my father's path

and his before him

we can watch together

and talk about the life we had

and how God brought us through each moment

the days of faith

the days of hope

before we came to that final place

He prepared for us there

family and family before

we will all dine together
in the same time and space

with all questions answered

we will no longer have to wonder

but rather smile across the table

see my fathers with my own eyes

live out eternity in each other's presence

there is a low ceiling to genealogy here

trails end and grown over

the earth buries the past all too quickly

the clouds and deep blue distance

limit our view of heaven

one day

one day
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