Sunday, September 30, 2007


Last night at The Grind was pleasant. I opted to sing outside. The weather was nice. It was a football night so the crowd was small. Come to think of it...there wasn't a crowd at all. No biggy. Gina showed up and played her d'jembe. I got home a little after midnight and I was bone tired. It's hauling that sound equipment around. I woke up around 4:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep without taking something for the body aches. It 4:00 p.m. and I am still feeling it.

I can't complain too much. It's great having a sound system to call my own. Though out the eighties I used one of Christian Bro's smaller Bose systems. CBA at the time had a large touring system and two small systems. As those systems became unavailable in time, my brother Brook generously lend me his Bose system. Brook sold his system sometime in the late nineties. I wasn't playing much, hence I didn't notice it missing. I started singing with Jose' about five years ago. Bruce Cornutt let me borrow his a bunch of times. There were a lot of time that the venues I'd play furnished me with a system. Let the player beware though, life is like a box of chocolates, some systems are better left turned off. Bruce eventually sold his system. By this time, I was long past tired of being a sound system borrower.

About four of five years ago Jose' gave me an old set of Peavy speakers. Over time I was eventually able to pull together a system that sounds pretty good. Brook and Jose' recently helped me revamp the old speakers and sound so much better. Now that I have a system of my own, I dread having to tote it everywhere. I think it's my age. I am pushing 50 and it takes a little effort getting the system to the van, to the stage, play 3 to 4 hours then to the van, then back home. I am blessed though to have a system when I need it. It had been so long having to trouble others for one down through the years.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Going it solo tonight at The Grind


Friday, September 28, 2007

whats he got in his pocketses

Katie had to do some reading for school. She brought home The Hobbit this week. Last night I offered to read the chapter about riddles in the dark...when Bilbo finds the ring and meets Gollum. Tonight Bilbo caught up with Gandalf and the rest of the crew. They make their way from the frying pan into the fire...finding themselves up a tree surrounded by hundreds of grey wolves.

It was a very long time ago that I first went there and back again with Bilbo and the unexpected party. Tenth grade? It was a great tale, only to be followed by a greater story of rings, wizards, good and evil...and yes...more hobbits. I love reading the stories to new listeners. Years ago, right after Gina and I moved to Bowling Green, we would make hot tea and muffins each night. I would read to her in dialect by candlelight. She had never read The Hobbit and so I read to her instead of turning on the television.

About five years ago I read The Hobbit and Fellowship Of The Ring to a fifth/sixth grade class at Westbrook Christian School. At first the kids did not want to enjoy it but I read with a vast cast of voices...breathed life into the written words with great energy. It wasn't long until they fell into the spell of Tolkien's masterwork, following an old wizard, a hobbit and dwarfs into high adventure, deep into MiddleEarth. I lead the children with the confidence of Gandalf. They follow me into the unknown, taken captive, carried deep into the belly of mountains.

Katie sat on the bed tonight as I read at the foot. We've had two nights of adventure together. I look forward to reading more to her through out the next few weeks.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

since last time

I haven't blogged much this week. I've been kind of busy but have taken the time to check out all of my friends sites on a daily basis. Here's what's happened since last time I blogged:

Friday: I played at The Coffee Vine Cafe' from 7-11 p.m. Gina stayed off the stage that night so she could catch up with an old childhood friend of hers. AJ came up and manned the Djembe' since Gina was distracted. It was nice having AJ with me. David Creel was there Friday night. I've known David C. since the early to mid 70's. His dad used to pastor Central United Methodist where my family were members. David was also an active part of Christian Brother's Association before he headed off to do missionary work on Saipan. He's on a long furlough and was great hooking up with him.

Saturday: I sang at The Coffee Vine Cafe' again. I was joined by Gina, AJ, Gabe, Sherry, Rachael on stage and had a great time worshipping together. We had such a great time that I asked each of them to help me lead worship Sunday morning. It was nice to be worshipping outside the church walls and God showing up. I look forward to more of this in the future.

Sunday: I was joined on stage by the previous night's worship team. Had a great time but my fingers were killing me. Worship was free and fun.

Monday: Gina and I finally got to pick up our van. It's been in and out of shops through out the Summer. The door is fixed and I don't have to use a bungee cord to keep it closed. Gina loves her old red van. It would be nice to sell it and get something newer but I think she wants to drive it more.

Tuesday: I work at the office till 2:15, until I go pick up Katie from Rainbow Middle. I've been taking the girls home after school now that we have two vehicles again. I think it's better for Katie to do her homework at home. It will be nice to have a little extra home-time during the week. I will be able to prep a dinner for the family as well as clean house through out the week.

Wednesday: I dropped Katie off at school and then dropped by The Coffee Vine' so Rachael could fix me a large Ooey-Gooey Coffee. It's a combination coffee, chocolate and maple concoction that is absolutely delicious. Later in the day, Jose' dropped by the office. Gina talked him into joining us for lunch. I hadn't seen Jose' in a month. I love Jose' and always great hanging around him.

I've got a lot of musician friends and would like to throw this out there. I have a friend who really wants to learn how to play guitar. Do any of you guitarist out there have an acoustic in the closet that you don't use and wouldn't mind passing it on to someone who would put it to good use? I'm just throwing it out there.

Also...This week I've been able to catch a few episodes of Ken Burn's THE WAR. If you recall, he's the guy that produced THE CIVIL WAR back in the late 80's. THE WAR tells what is was like up front and on the home front. I also enjoyed THE FAMILY GUY's hour long STAR WARS spoof that aired Sunday night.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh Lord

what will it take oh Lord

what will it take to open our hearts and minds

our nation has drifted far from you

far from your heart

far from your way

we are a divided people

separated from you

even if your judgement doesn't come

we walk briskly toward our own destruction

like a prodigal son

we have turned away from you

tossing away our birthright

our freedom

our inheritance

piece by piece

veering from your course

inch by inch

i still pray for this people

the only home and country i've ever known

expose us oh Lord

renew us oh God

that we see as a nation

that you are God

the one true God

that it is you and only you

that all blessing came

the great wing that has sheltered us since our beginning

the One who has nurtured us and covered us with grace

that we are not a nation simply born and sustained by chance

this freedom we have known for so long

provided solely from your hand oh Lord

is was you oh Lord

that set us upon a hill

blessed us with a goodness

that we have tainted

a truth

that we have turned from

deliver us oh Lord

we need your light

we need your fire

keep us safe

keep us strong

keep us one

surround us

keep our borders safe

dwell among us

let the enemy see you at our gate

and fear you

God of creation

God of all

keep our troops safe

give our troops victory

deliver us from our enemies

break their swords

crush their efforts

expose their hiding place

foil their plans

i pray for my little girls

keep our children safe

let them not be raised

beneath the darkness of terrorism's threat

let our children not live with this fear

do what it takes

do your will

break us oh Lord

let us become a nation

that stands with you

my heart is that all America see

that you are God

my heart is that our enemy see

that you are God

that darkness will lift

when we individually

and collectively

repent and turn to you

awaken our hearts

quicken our minds

to serve you

i do not want this nation to fall

but no matter

you are my God

you are my nation

if America falls

i will stand for you

but i plead for this country

as Lot plead for his hometown

i pray that the prodigal son returns home

returns to you

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bowling for Spina Bifida

October is National Spina Bifida Awareness month, bowl-a-thons are being held through out Alabama.

Who: Spina Bifida Association of Alabama / Contact Bowling Captain Megan Armstrong and make a contribution 543-0607
Where: Paradise Lanes / Sutton Bridge Road / Rainbow City
When: Saturday / October 13th / 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Why: The Spina Bifida Association of Alabama is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the prevention of spina bifida and to enhance the lives of those in Alabama who live with spina bifida and their families.
All donations collected are fully tax deductible because SBA of AL is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Your support is greatly

Welcome Home Robert

Pictures express what my words can't.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

heart breaking

This story happened today. It was a brief three minute clip on CNN. I spent thirty minutes trying to find the story online so I could share it with you. I had to wade through the non-news of O.J., Dan Rather, and the Jena 6 march.

Politicians, Republican & Democrat are letting this nation down. Our politically correct leaders are themselves a national security risk. The killer was an illegal alien with a history of violent crimes. He had been caught and deported last year but came back over. This isn't a first time this kind of thing has happened. Our leaders should be enforcing immigration laws, standing in the gap, but instead are doing quite the opposite.

I urge you to read the article above and find out about the kind of man that fell this afternoon. Pray for the family and friends of fallen Officer Nick Erfle. Pray for our nation. Pray for those at our nation's helm....those ship of fools in Washington, DC.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

weekend gig

I'll be playing at the Coffee Vine Cafe' this weekend from 8:00-11:00 p.m. (maybe later). The coffeehouse is located at Rainbow Plaza (3225 Rainbow Drive). The coffee shop is tucked in the armpit of the plaza. Come on by and let Rachael fix you a mocha latte'. I might even get her on stage to sing again.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

cool ride

betty let me borrow her 73 bug

while one of the vans are in the shop

i drove it to winn dixie before heading home

i filled it front and back with groceries

i listened to the radio through it's crappy speakers

wgad 930 oldies crackling through

only two knobs on my radio
no fm
no cd
no a/c
but the evening was cool
so i rolled down the windows

and let the wind kiss my face

drove home shifting gears

it's been a long time since i had my own little 73 bug

long time since i drove a straight

she smelt like a volkswagen

and the sound of that little engine so familiar

Monday, September 17, 2007

the enemy is nervous

a.j. inspires me

i can't help it

every time i am around this man

i am scorched by his passion for God



turned on

moving forward

like a comet

a great light

a sweet honest pure soul

i love being around him

i love listening to him pour out without ceasing

God is on this man

God is using this man

i believe a.j. will be a pastor

to the forgotten

the overlooked

the rejected

a.j. has a great love inside him

a.j. holds nothing back

God is on this man

God's hand is on this man

Friday, September 14, 2007

i believe children are the future

every now and then
i feel the need to post an image like this
to do my own little part
in sharing with who ever visits my meager blog
what the media chooses not to show you
it's not hard to find
but you are going to have to dig for yourself
can't count on politicians journalist or anchormen
to give you something other than spin
i happened upon this picture
and it's more disturbing
than that of a horror movie
children of the corn
or the shining
there are so many more images like it
like the x-files said
the truth is out there
it's not always delivered to your front door
and it isn't always pleasant

Thursday, September 13, 2007

check it out

What do you think of my new tattoo? I got it to celebrate the success of my new PhotoShop diet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

thinking of Tommy today

Tommy Puckett's mom died yesterday. I've been thinking about his family today. Keep them in your prayers. I dug up a poem that I wrote about Tommy at my old Tripod blog. Thought I'd repost it today.

i found an old friend

in a familiar face

his cup is full

for God and man

an uncommon man

who prays without ceasing

and I know that God listens

and loves each prayer

that is spoken softly


yet always boldly

i perceive him

as a selfless quiet man

who walks each day reflecting

the great grace given

and always returning

darkness fear men like this

one whose sword is ever near

eyes always clear

seeking the kingdom

finding it always

because God loves that heart

his light burning

as well as the conversation

the more i am around my friend Tommy

the more i agree with God

i love this fellow too

David B. Finlayson
January 11, 2006

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

james earl thompson

jim thompson was a dear friend
years will never change that
i will always miss this good man
his death left a hole in my life
i miss his servant heart
his presence
his laughter
i tell my friends i love them often
one never knows when we'll lose a compadre'
i didn't see jim's death coming
i didn't get to say goodbye
so know
next time i tell you i love you
know that i really do
and i value you
each moment we have in the here in now
these bonds
these familiar faces
my brothers in arms
sisters too
i am so blessed to have you around
so blessed to know you

Saturday, September 8, 2007

last consequence

i found myself

alone among millions

tormented and forgotten

marked by my unforgiven sins

and never broken will

at the mercy of the merciless

into the deep

where the eternal language are screams

the beast torture man

upon the fiery shores

simply because we are each the bitter reminder

of the Creator

simply because we were made in the likeness of Him

and yet without His Spirit

we are each alone and isolated

nothing but pain

nothing but remorse

it only took the first moment there to realize

how all eternity will be spent

salvation will never come my way again

i refused Him all my life there

but now

i'm crying out to a God that will not have me

a Savior who will never come

weeping at the fiery edge

made in the image of God

knowing i will never die

or completely burn

Thursday, September 6, 2007

guess who i am voting for

Last night I watched Fred Thompson throw his hat into the ring during the Jay Leno show. Finally...a Republican candidate who is truly a conservative. I've watched this guy for a long time and I am all about him.

Go check him out. Fred's image above is linked to his site.

about Carl

It's been well over twenty years ago that my brother in-law, Dan Noojin, asked me to help him move his parents. Max and Sue Noojin had purchased a house on Noccalula Mountain and needed a hand. During the move, I noticed a framed photograph on the wall of a young man that I didn't recognize. He had definite Noojin characteristics about him. I asked who it was and Dan stopped what he was doing and looked at me with a serious look on his face.

He said, "That's my older brother Carl."

"How come I've never met him?" I asked

"He died in Vietnam, we don't talk about it much."

I felt the sadness that any one would from hearing of such a loss. We quietly went back to work that day and I didn't mention Carl's name again for about five or six years. I don't remember what Dan and I were talking about at the time, we'd cover all kinds of ground back then. Perhaps we just came to a place in a conversation where I felt it okay to ask about Carl.
Dan smiled, "There's no Carl, David. That picture on the wall was of me back in 1969." That is typical Dan Noojin. He waited years for me to finally step into it. The longer the sweeter I guess.
Earlier in the week my mom brought a picture to the office. She said that it was from Dan. There it was, the picture of "Carl" that had started it all. It was signed at the top, To David, From Carl. "I'm not dead yet...I'm feeling much better." I took the photograph, scanned it, and PhotoShopped a Marine Blues onto the Dan's fourteen year old image...hence the Lt. Dan from previous post.
I don't know why, but somehow I am relieved by Carl's note that he is okay...that he made it back from Nam. It must have to do with thinking that there really was a Carl for so long and that the Noojin family had silently suffered such a loss. All those years I thought Carl was a real person and it's nice hearing from him even if he never was. So in a strange way, I am glad he's not dead and that he's feeling much better.
I wonder what he looks like these days?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

a story soon to tell

i have a story to tell about this photo
i'll tell it to you soon
when i have time to blog again
maybe tomorrow

the clan farquharson

when it comes to genealogy

we have so little

much of what we have to go on

is from the yellowing pages of family Bibles

if you can find one

i am curious about my grandfather

and his father

his father's father

i am curious about them all

i know my love reaches back further than i imagine

i know little about them

i know only what little was told to me about my dad's dad

he died before i was born

and i've only a few stories

a few glimpses back

i tell my children about their grandfather

i have only a few stories of his youth

a few glimpses through my eyes

my memories

the past becomes forgotten

all we have left are stories

names and dates etched in stone

i know they were much more than that

when they were here

when it was there time to be

so little is left now

when i die

what will be left here of me

just stories and a stone


that i hope will grow to know

love and worship their Heavenly Father

to make contact with the eternal things

while it's their time to be

when i am long gone

cold and bones


one day

i will move to a higher hill

a greater perspective

see my path

my father's path

and his before him

we can watch together

and talk about the life we had

and how God brought us through each moment

the days of faith

the days of hope

before we came to that final place

He prepared for us there

family and family before

we will all dine together
in the same time and space

with all questions answered

we will no longer have to wonder

but rather smile across the table

see my fathers with my own eyes

live out eternity in each other's presence

there is a low ceiling to genealogy here

trails end and grown over

the earth buries the past all too quickly

the clouds and deep blue distance

limit our view of heaven

one day

one day