Thursday, August 30, 2007

looking up

i believe heaven will not be a strange place for us

if in fact we've truly followed Him here on earth

i believe we are going home

a place that we will instantly recognize as home

the moment we enter the gates

we will not be lost for a second

after all

God made us in His image

i believe we'll fit right in

won't have to roam around like lost aliens

if in fact we sought the kingdom first

allowed Him to transformed to be like Jesus

while we still walked the earth

it's the task He set before us

to seek the kingdom

to glorify Him with our lives

to be more like God's son

the more we die here

the more we establish the kingdom in us

the more we die here

the more we discover our eternal selves

i once read a book called The Great Divorce

about a bus trip to heaven

how a man

couldn't even tread upon heaven's grass

because he was fallen

if we don't seek the kingdom here

we will not understand the kingdom there

the things of heaven will repel us

we won't understand it

and we'll be homeless
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