Thursday, July 20, 2017

When Hollywood is The Family Business.

Hollywood dynasty's rarely pan out. We've witnessed many children of famous actors who couldn't quite make it out from beneath the shadow of their parent's stardom. Look to the Barrymores and Hustons for the success stories.  Something creative definitely passed down in those family genes.

There are names and faces we recognize but whose film careers didn't quite materialize as hoped. It's a tough business to succeed, even when given a big leg-up. When it comes down to it, it's not in the name, but do have the chops for it?  There are plenty who have made decent living in the business. Alan Ladd Jr. has become one of the industry's most respected film executives.  Alan Hale Jr. and John Ritter's stardom shined just as brilliant as their famous fathers.

There's a long list~ but this is just a short list of names that come to my mind while writing this post.  What names come to your mind?

Patrick, Michael and Ethan Wayne
James and Christopher Mitchum
Gary, Dennis and Lindsay Crosby
Alan Ladd Jr. and Alana Ladd
John Ritter
Harold Lloyd Jr.
Charles Chaplin Jr.
Liza Minnelli
Carrie Fisher
Jody McCrea
Alan Hale Jr.
Dean Paul, Ricci and Craig Martin
Scott, Francesca, Kyle, Alison, Morgan, Kathryn and Kimber Eastwood
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