Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two Important People

Rev. Washington Lafayette Wait

Jane Wofford Wait

My paternal grandmother, Jennie Wait Foster Finlayson ,was born into a large family, but the children were scattered when her parents James Turner and his wife Rebecca Wofford Foster died.  Jennie Wait and her brother Louie Eugene were raised by her relatives, Rev. Washington Lafayette Wait and Mrs. Jane Wofford Wait who lived in Spartanburg, SC.  Mrs. Jane Wofford was my great grandmother's sister.  Sisters Rebecca and Jane were nieces of Dr. Benjamin Wofford, founder Wofford College.
It's a bitter sweet story and  I wish I knew more of it to tell; parents die, siblings scattered, raised by relatives.  I'd like to know more of that story, what happened to all the other children of James and Rebecca Turner.

I have had these two pictures hanging on my studio wall above my desk for the last decade.  They are strangers to me, yet when I look to them, I am reminded of the place they made in their heart and home to my grandmother.

Both Rev. Washington Lafayette Wait and his wife Jane Wofford Wait are buried at the Springwood Cemetary in Greenville, SC.
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