Friday, July 22, 2016

Wicked Witch of The West Wing

During a speech this week, Hillary made an analogy relating her opposition on the right as characters from The Wizard of Oz. She scoffed, "lots of sound and fury, even a fog machine. But when you pulled back the curtain it was just Donald Trump with nothing to offer to the American people".

If you recall, The Great & Powerful Wizard wasn't all he said he was, but did come through in the end. In his own way, The Wizard couldn't offer a magic answer, but was able to give the main characters what they needed. Did he not have a way to get Dorothy back to Kansas? The Wizard was a good guy in this story.

Once upon a time John McCain referred to the Tea Party as "Tea Party Hobbits". To John, this was supposed to be a clever disparaging insult at his opposition. Yet it was the Hobbits in Tolkien's epic tale who were the heroes that saved Middle-earth. So if the Tea Party are Hobbits, what does that make John McCain, a tool of Mordor?

Hillary should've thought her analogy through thoroughly before opening her mouth. If Trump is The Wizard, then whose character in this story is she?
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