Tuesday, May 24, 2016

two thumbs up and five gold stars

I purchased my Bose Soundlink a year ago.  This is a great little Bluetooth speaker that puts out a lot of sound, not just a lot, but a full sound.  I usually use it with my iphone 6, but have used it as my laptop speaker.  My wife enjoys watching Netflix shows on her Kindle Fire, my daughter has enjoyed listening to music on her iPad.  The Bose Color Soundlink can connect up to eight devices.  If you're a massage therapist, this little speaker won't take up space in your work area, and it's ideal when you have to take your show on the road.  The Soundlink comes in various colors.  I chose red so I lessen the chance of leaving behind.  I take this little speaker almost everywhere I go.  I usually purchase black, but I knew I'd be more apt to lose it if I went that route.

Bose is just as renown for sound quality as they are packing a lot of sound into a small package.  The average retail is $130.00.  I bought my Bose at Best Buy and it was worth every penny.  The speaker comes with a heavy duty wall charger/USB cable.  I recommend you pick up an 1/8th inch speaker cable just in case you have need run it to a Bluetoothless computer.  The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to eight hours. That's a lot of listening pleasure!

I'm not a tech savvy guy, so being easy to operate is also a big plus.
This unit is very user friendly.