Sunday, April 10, 2016

two incredible souls

I got a job in Huntsville April of last year.  My home is an hour and a half away from that job.  I had been spending a little over three hours drive time to and from that job month after month until Rick and Beckie graciously invited me into their home.  They were insistent about me treating their home as my home and not act as a guest.  They really meant it. They made me feel like family, and I still feel like they are indeed family.

I had to quit my job at Virginia College due to my health.  I haven't been back up there since I fell ill. My clothes are still hanging in Rick and Beckie's closet.  I've got to get back up there and pick up the gear I left behind. They said that it's not in their way, that there's no hurry.  I know that even when my stuff is gone, a part of me will remain. My mind regularly wanders northward of here, what's happening at school, what's happening at my other home.

I'll miss that big marble table, heated by the space heater, that we all seemed to draw toward at the end of every day.  It seems the heart of their home.  Every night Captain Kangaroo' (their long-legged cat) would be drawn to Beckie's lap.  Rick would often light up his pipe and we'd drift into deep conversations for hours on end.  I will miss those talks about music, life and God.

Life is all about change. You never know when change will take place, but we must be willing to roll with each day.  I know a good season is behind me.  The experience was hard but pleasant.  I'll move on with this change, let go of what is now over, but not my love for these two incredible souls.  We will see each other, but not as much as before.  I love you two. 
I was blessed to be welcomed into your family.  I am blessed to have had you in my life.
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