Sunday, March 1, 2015

Finlaysons of Mt. Olive

Murdoch Uriah Finlayson was the son of Daniel and Charity Finlayson, Daniel being the first of my family's line to come to America. There is an interesting link that locates Murdoch Finlayson in the 1850's in Wayne County - specifically in the small, growing township of Mount Olive, NC.  Lower Wayne County's major industry was turpentine.  Murdoch was not only a merchant, but listed among the five turpentine distillers in the area.

Lower Mt. Olive was known for it's brandies, ciders and liquors. 
"Spirits were a part of the life of most citizens, including ministers. A.J. Finlayson, a prominent Methodist preacher in Goldsboro, was previously the owner of a tavern." Rev. A.J. Finlayson was also a son of Daniel and Charity Finlayson, an older brother of Murdoch Uriah Finlayson.

Murdoch Uriah and his brother Angus Joseph fought on the side of the Confederacy.  After the war, Murdoch is found advertising Boots and Shoes in the 1871 Wilmington, NC business directory. By 1880. he had already settled in Cheraw, SC.  By 1881, AJ is dead and buried in Wayne County, but AJ's son Deems Finlayson is located in Cheraw, living close to his Uncle Murdoch.  At one point, 'Cousin Deems'  (Henry Dennis Finlayson) was a neighbor of my grandfather Burruss Finlayson (Mudoch's youngest son).

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