Thursday, February 26, 2015

U.S. Freedman Banking Record 1873

Name: H W Finlayson 
Birth Year:1857
Account Date: 14 Apr 1873
Father's Name: M U [Finlayson]
Mother's Name: M L [Finlayson]
Birth County: Duplin
Birth State: North Carolina 
Siblings: E V B,J F
Henry Wright Finlayson was my grandfather's older brother. His parents were Murdoch Uriah Finlayson
and Martha Lucinda Pate Finlayson. His siblings were Elias Vance Finlayson, Burruss Finlayson
and Julia Francis Finlayson.  There were other siblings, who's young lives were too short, and not recorded
on this document.  This document was found at this site. 
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