Friday, October 24, 2014

paper airplanes

 My eleven year old loves to make paper airplanes.  I did too when I was her age.  I remember on several occasions - bringing home a stack of discarded programs after church on Sunday just to make a bunch of paper airplanes.  I went from pew to pew, front to back, I gathered every single one of them. I turned our living room floor into a paper airplane airport.

A few months ago I gave Kelsey a large stack of tabloid size paper for which I had no need.  I no longer had the large format printer for that particular size paper.  I should've known she would've started making jumbo paper airplanes with them.  They fly nice!

Watching this Disney animated short reminded me of my youngest.  I know that when she grows up, she'll find that special someone.  I know she'll teach her children how to make the best paper airplanes in the whole world.

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