Monday, April 7, 2014

Goodbye Mickey Rooney

I just read that Mickey Rooney died. The only time I ever recall my dad talk about an actor, it was in regards to Mickey Rooney.  He said that Mickey Rooney was one of the most talented fellows he'd ever seen on the screen.  His talents seemed to be limitless. Mickey could perform comedy to drama, sing, dance, do pratfalls, impersonations and was also quite a musician.  What couldn't that fellow not do?

My favorite role of Rooney's was that of the all-American depression era teenager - Andy Hardy.  I can't help but think that my dad saw a little Andy Hardy in himself.  I guess most of his generation felt the same way about Andy Hardy.  I'm sure that most of my dad's generation had a great fondness for Mickey Rooney.

Mickey Rooney was one the greats.

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