Thursday, March 27, 2014

all cars accounted for

We've been juggling cars for the past three weeks.  Katie was in a minor accident that did almost 2k worth of damage to the 2003 Buick Century.  An old gentleman crossed in front of her and decided to stop his SUV directly in front of her. It's a good thing a retired police officer saw the whole thing and pulled over to assist.  Drummond Auto Refinishing did a good job with the car.  It looks to be in better condition than it did when Mrs. Hale signed the car over to us for Katie to drive.

During the same time, Gina's car started making a terrible racket.  Eddie Floyd took her 2002 Buick Century into his care and replaced the entire air conditioning system.  It was expensive, but we we're not in the place right now to get a new car.  I am at a crossroads with this one.  How much is too much to keep pouring into this particular vehicle.  We replaced the radiator a few months ago.  Like all our cars past and present, we drive them until the wheels fall off.  We've put a lot of money into this Buick since we bought it from her dad about three years ago.  Maybe we've come to a place where we'll get ten years use out of it without having to repair something expensive.

I pulled the 1973 Super Beetle out of the shop after I had new struts installed just in time to be without our two Buicks.  Katie had classes, so she took off with my 2005 Malibu for those weeks without her car.  Katie or I would take turns taking Gina to work  and from on weekdays.  Sometimes Gina would drive off with the bug and leave me stranded.  I've had plenty of work to do around the house so those days I didn't mind being stranded.  Most of the time Gina would be happy with a ride to and from work.

The Malibu held up nicely.  I did have to replace the battery, but it was still under the one year warranty from O'Reilly Auto Parts.  I got a new one for free.  This was nice to hear because all the parts and repairs as of late have left us strapped. 

Even though we've been without, we had what we needed.  It's nice to have the Finlayson family fleet up and running.  Though it cost a pretty penny, God provided.
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