Friday, September 6, 2013

Somewhere in England

Dearest Mother and Papa,

Your letter of September 8 finally reached me today--the first piece of mail I've received in almost two weeks--or rather it was yesterday that I got it, and I haven't received any since.

It was a bad surprise to learn that Dr. McKissick had died.  Evidently you had mentioned it in a preceding letter which I have not yet received.  I dislike getting mail in improper sequence, for it is confusing at times--but it is far better than not getting any mail at all--so I shouldn't complain.

Is Murd at home yet?  If he is, I'll bet his mouth is eternally going.  Make him write me, by all means, and give me the full dope.  I wonder if Zeigler and Flynn went back.  I just can't get used to the fact that Murdoch has left me.

Glenn Miller had Sam Donahue's navy band on his program Thursday night, and both of their bands sounded wonderful.  Donahue played on of his newest arrangements which he dedicated to the Amphibious branch of the navy (his band is in the Amphibs)--the title: "LST Party".  It was a  hot swing number and reminded me so much of the good parties we had aboard in Londonderry.  Wells would go to the galley (kitchen), break out the ham and eggs, and cook to his heart's content--and we'd have the biggest feasts in the wardroom.  I'd sing "Easter Parade" for all the girls, and McRae would snicker on the sly to make me self-conscious and get me tickled.  He reminded  me a lot of Jennie Llew sometimes.  We all had such good times together--we were like one big happy family.

Do you remember my writing you that Wells took a truck to get supplies the day before the accident, and all of us rode in the city with him.  He let us out, and I haven't him since.  Well, today I learned something new.  While talking to one of our boys, I found out that Wells got recreational and welfare equipment for the ship that day and spent practically all of the ship's service sum.  He brought back a ping pong set, some baseball hats, ball mitts and gloves, and about $300 worth of phonograph records (all types, popular and symphonic), dart games, and everything imaginable.  Of course, all this stuff was lost before I got a chance to even see it.  I didn't know this until today.  But just think what a good time I would have had if nothing had happened. This would have been the pleasant surprise waiting for me instead of the unpleasant one that actually occurred.  Now I remember Wells mentions that he was going to get some stuff like that, and I suggested to him that he try to get a movie projector if possible, so we could have our own movies aboard ship.  That was an awful thing.

I hope Edith is all right by now.  let me know all about her.  Is she still in the hospital?

Sunday Afternoon 17:30

I heard some news today that has pepped me up considerably.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Still no more mail.

Lots of love,
* Bill McRae and Ainsworth (Pat) Finlayson in photo.

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