Thursday, September 19, 2013

near the music

sitting in the back seat

dad driving down the street
to where ever we were going
like a thousand times before

the back of his head

his eyes
looking forward

in the rear view mirror
he sang
he sang and we  all joined in
i liked being in this family
near the love
near the music
always music
where ever we went

older sister
older brother
learned to play those guitars
learned to play well and they could sing

there were wooden instruments everywhere
leaning against the walls
leaning against the chairs
every where we were
every where we went
before i ever ventured to learn
i'd often pick one up
feel the texture
sounds of those bronze strings
wishing i could
wishing I could
and knew one day i would
pour it out
pour it out
i wanted nothing more
nothing more
than always live
near the music

i hung around you
drawn to you
any every time
i heard your voice
i would follow
ask to tag along
plead if I had to
just to be near you

i would
carry the cases
the speakers the stands the amps
i'd go to just sit in the corner
just to be present
and listen
just to be near you

I eventually took hold
determined to not let go
learn some chords
put them together
throw in some worlds
actually learned
i took a guitar
and never left her
learned to write
word by word
lyric and rhythm
wasn't easy
didn't come easy
but worth the trouble
time and the callouses
i worked until the work became craft
labored until songs were born
born with my name

all those years ago
all those songs ago
older greyer
yet the heart feels young
yet the songs are young
maybe forever
maybe eternal

older greyer
i will travel on
until i can travel no further
singing like my father once sang
looking forward
going where ever
always near the music
ever going
always with a song
until i can no longer
i will always be behind you
always behind you
just to be near you
near the music
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